Review #3: Yubari Melon Caramel 「ゆばりメロンキャラメル」


So, I guess this has become like a weekly thing.

Anyways, today, we have:

Yubari Melon Caramel!

Okay, explaination time! Yubari Melon is a expensive Japanese melon that’s grown in, guess what, Yubari Hokkaido! Anyways, the size and appearance of this melon is similar to a cantaloupe. I’m not sure about the taste. I’m not really sure of the difference between these two fruits, just the price(which can range from $60-$150, US currency). And the fact that this Yubari Melon is used for a summer gift, occasionally.

I actually(like most my candy) read about this candy online before finding it. Well, not really read, just saw a picture. It looked tempting, and exotic over the computer. But when I actually found it in the store, it didn’t seem as appetizing. The packaging is not the problem. It looks very nice. Not too simple, not too overly complicated or decorative. It looks…how do you say, sophisticated. However, when I turned the box around to read the name, the words “Melon” and “Caramel” in the same sentence. I thought to myself, “No way.” I mean, Melon is a fruit. While caramel…well, I’m not sure what it is. But it doesn’t associate with each other. Just thinking about a fruity piece of caramel made my mouth dry. So, I put it back. Then, I ran back into it again, at Ichiban’kan. And I was once again intrigued, mainly by the box’s sophisticated-ness and the exotic-ness of it all. After some long thinking, I decided to get it. The inside packaging is sophisticated as well. The caramel pieces are individually wrapped, and stacked up.

Rating: 10/10

It was..normal priced, for Japanese candy. Overated for Chinese, but just right, maybe even cheap for Japanese. Only, $1.69. Not the best price, but definitely not the highest. Considering how many pieces are inside the box, I’d say it was a pretty good deal.

Now, I’ve never had Yubari Melon before. But I’ve definitely had Cantaloupe, and personally I don’t like Cantaloupes. This candy, is not what I thought at all. The weird, gross fruity caramel. It’s really just a piece of fruit candy. The texture is hard to explain. It’s not chewy, like Hi-Chews. (Hopefully you’ve had some) But it’s not hard candy either. I guess, that’s where the caramel part comes in. But it’s not stick-to-your-teeth caramel. The candy has a strong taste, and aroma of Cantaloupe…or Yubari Melon. For me, that’s a good thing. Even though I don’t like Cantaloupes, this candy is pretty good. Other, okay one, Melon Candy I’ve tried before, has the artificial flavoring. But this candy really captures the taste of Melon. Not addicting good, but pretty good, for a fruit I don’t like. Of course, if you LIKE Melon, I suggest you try these, and I’m sure you’ll love it.

Rating: 7.5/10

I think this candy was pretty good. It lived up to the expectation set when I saw it on the computer, and exceeded the expectation set when I found it. However, this still isn’t a candy that I’d die for. That I must constantly have a stock of. Mainly, because I don’t like Melon. But if you do, knock yourself out. And remember, this is MY tastebuds, so always try it out yourself.

Rating: 8/10

Rating Scale:
10- OMGGreat!
9- Awesome, but not amazing
8- Great
7- Worth it/Good
6- Okay
5- Average
4- Edible, but you could not pay me enough to buy/eat more
3- Bad
2- Terrible!
1- Inedible
0- No words can describe how bad


3 Responses to “Review #3: Yubari Melon Caramel 「ゆばりメロンキャラメル」”

  1. Om nom nom :D
    Haha, it does look all exotic.
    I like how you have background info on the candies you review. ^-^

  2. This is a favourite in our house :) Yum

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