Review #4: Kabaya Strawberry Chocolate 「カバヤ苺ショコラ」


 This is late, and I have a story behind it, but I’m too lazy, and sure you’re not interested. But at least this is just in time for Valentine’s Day!

This is カバヤ苺ショコラ.
Kabaya Ichigo Shokora.

So this candy, I only actually found out the name by doing some (not so hard) research. Because, all it says on the bag is the big kanji (i can’t read yet) for Ichigo and Shokora in katakana. Kabaya is the brand. Ichigo is Strawberry. And shokora(apparently) is another word for chocolate. I’m used to  チョコレート(Chokoreto), so I had to look that up.

If you’re wondering about the picture on the corner, like I would if I could actually see it, I can only tell you some parts of it. The first loopy arrow pointing to the pink middle of the chocolate says something I can’t read, but it’s about the 苺クリーム(Ichigo Kuriimu), the Strawberry cream. The other arrow, I can tell you. It says ミルクチョコ(Miruku Choko). So the diagram is just telling you that the pink middle is something Strawberry cream, and the rest is Milk Chocolate. Well, there’s that mini drab.

This was not a stranger to me when I laid my eyes on it. I had seen a picture of the 抹茶「まっちゃ」(Green tea) version. This is a hard one to judge on packaging, because while I was walking down the sweets aisle of Ichiban’kan, this is was only package left. So, after two seconds of taking in the information(my brain is slow at processing), I quickly grabbed the bag. At first, I was plannning to buy it, I just wanted to hold on to it, in case I did want to buy it, so no one else could steal it. (haha) So, it’s hard to say how I would judge this if it weren’t the last bag. Looking at it now, I would think of it as okay. It’s not eye catchingly special, but it’s not bad either.

Rating: 6/10

It was the same price as the Yubari Melon Caramel, from the last review(and coincidentally at the same store), $1.69. This is actually cheap(I think), because I’m looking online, and the price is $1.98. Okay, not a big difference, and it might just be the reason because it’s online, but still. Anyways, I also think it was because Ichiban’kan was having a sale that day. I wouldn’t say the price is good(for a house maid…person…) because the cost compared to the number of pieces isn’t a great deal. But, I’m not a housekeeper, so whatever.

Each chocolate is individually wrapped, which I just love! That way, if you can’t just keep on eating one after another. The wrapper is really pretty as well. It’s clear with faded pink, not too cute, but not…not cute… Anyways, the taste, the taste! Well first, “if” you smell it, you can get the smell of the strawberries, not so much cholate. It reminds me of Apollo Chocolates(tried it before?) So, I bite into it. It’s kind of hard, but not rock solid. The verdict: The strawberry flavor is the strongest, with the creaminess of the chocolate. The chocolate is milk chocolate. And the strawberry is a bit tangy, but mainly sweet. It melts quickly(but not as fast as the Ramune Iro Iro!!!) so it’s kind of hard to savor the strawberry flavor, and you’re just left with the milky chocolate. Now, it makes sense. This is strawberry chocolate, not chocolate strawberry. But still, a bit more strawberry would be nice. The chocolate is bite sized, so don’t expect it to last, especially with only 12 some pieces!

Rating: 8/10

My final verdict! The packaging is nice, not breathtaking, but not dull either. The taste, is pretty good. It reminds me too much of Apollo Chocolate though. So, even though I like Apollo, it wasn’t something new. So that’s why I didn’t like it as much. Still, it was a pretty good chocolate. And if you can, try it. And if you haven’t had Apollo before, well, maybe even better. Remember, remember, remember, this is me, you are you, end of story.

Rating: 7/10

Rating Scale:
10- OMGGreat!
9- Awesome, but not amazing
8- Great
7- Worth it/Good
6- Okay
5- Average
4- Edible, but you could not pay me enough to buy/eat more
3- Bad
2- Terrible!
1- Inedible
0- No words can describe how bad


5 Responses to “Review #4: Kabaya Strawberry Chocolate 「カバヤ苺ショコラ」”

  1. Gawwwd! I love Japanese sweets! I’m going to add you to my blogroll!

    • HUZZAH!(:
      LOL. thanks a bunch dear(;

      • No problem! I want to see what kind of candy I should blow all my money on, haha!

  2. My husband and I loved this one and the matcha version too. There is a custard version around that we also tried, not sure if you have seen it. :)

    • I’ve seen the matcha version, but I have yet to try it. I’m hoping to get it soon though! (; Really? Yeah, I haven’t seen it, but it sounds interesting. And if it’s anything like this one, it’s sure to be good! (:

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