Review #6: Pucca Double Choco Pretzel


Today, may be unusual for you to see, a post. But I have a story behind. And this time, you must listen before I tell you the review. And I will find out if you don’t read this. :P

Anyways, today was a….not so normal Monday. I snuck out of my house, for the first time(that I remember) in my life. No biggie. I’m not sure why I did it. I wasn’t really feeling depressed. I was…feeling sort of…off-balance today. Like, something just wasn’t quite right.(and I think I know the reason behind it)

So, I went (6 ish blocks) up the street to the “local” super market. I browsed. And came out(half an hour later) with two products. One which you shall be seeing today. Now, I will have enough to do two reviews per week(until spring break), probably Monday and Friday, unless I’m too busy or lazy.

And now, if I ever run out, I can just go to the local. Though I don’t want to, it’ll only be a last-minute-resort or I-just-feel-like-it or I-desperately-need-it moments.

Now, the review! :D

So, today I bought:

(Chokoreeto Kashi) Chocolate Confectionary/Sweet
[Is what that little text at the bottom says]

Pucca Double Choco Pretzel

This sweet was not entirely new to me. I had seen a review(on a different flavor) as well as seen it(other flavors) on stock when I made my trip to Japantown last month. So, on the shelf today was three of these. In Chocolate, Strawberry and Dark Choco. Intially, this did not reaaaallly appeal to me at first. And then I looked at the price, and I was taken. I picked out two boxes Dark Choco first, and then Strawberry. Later, I came back and put the Strawberry one away. (which I am glad for now) The packaging is not appealing, but it’s not…”boring let’s move on” type either.

Rating: 5/10

Like I said, it was $.99, I had gone to compare prices. And this wasn’t overly priced by much… Probably /.\ (Some time, I might give you some links to online sites)

Let me get straight to the point. This “sweet” is not sweet at all. And it’s terrible. First of all, there is BARELY any “choco cream” as the picture says there is. And I even had one with NO CHOCO CREAM at all! Second of all, the pretzel part is really dry. It’s not “crunchy”, it’s more like…”chew chew shallow” no “CRUNCH!” The pretzel also has a weird taste to it when I put it in my mouth. It tastes like an actual pretzel…okay, no DUH. But still, I thought that “pretzel” just meant cookie. Because, you know the Japanese people are really (kind of) bad at translations and stuff. I thought, it would be like the Hello Panda! or YanYan or Pocky kind of biscuit but it’s not. It tastes like an actual pretzel with artifical chocolate flavoring. Thirdly, the chocolate isn’t even that dark. It tastes like regular milk chocolate…isn’t there supposed to be a reason why it’s “Dark Choco” instead of “Milk?” I know, that it’s a “COOKIE” not “CANDY”, so of course the chocolate shouldn’t overpower. But still, I am throughly disappointed. And I can say, that even though this was cheap($.99) I don’t think it was worth it, at all.

Rating: 4/10

As you can see, I believe this sweet was pretty bad. Throughly disappointing for my first ever, non-candy review. The packaging could’ve been better. The taste, way better. And the cost for this bad “confection” should have been lower. Therefore, I’m pretty sure I’ll almost never pick up another box of similar “sweets”. And I warn you as well. But, you can alwayse be my guest and try it, and argue with me. But this is where I stand.

Rating: 4/10

Rating Scale:
10- OMGGreat!
9- Awesome, but not amazing
8- Great
7- Worth it/Good
6- Okay
5- Average
4- Edible, but you could not pay me enough to buy/eat more
3- Bad
2- Terrible!
1- Inedible
0- No words can describe how bad

(As you can see, I changed this[and the rest?]…slightly)


7 Responses to “Review #6: Pucca Double Choco Pretzel”

  1. Sneaking out?! How badass! x)

    The chocolates look so deceptively tasty. :P
    And what are they supposed to be?! Fishes?
    Psh, only one snack can be shaped like fish and that is goldfish crackers.
    O_O well I dunno about that swedish fish gummy snack.

    • I googled those chocolates and I came across that blog you showed me awhile ago. The giantjeansparlor one. x) There’s new york cheese cake flavor.

      If you haven’t seen it already. x)

  2. LOL =3 meh.
    i know, don’t they!!! i really though they would be good :(
    well, i think so. fishies, maybe an octipi?
    LOL. Goldfish, the snack that smiles back (;
    the swedish gummi is…..okay, i don’t like it that much, gets stuck to my teeth.
    LOOOOL. yuppp i read her whole blog(up til she left japan)
    and that’s kind of where i first learned about it. i wanted to try the NY cheesecake, but i doubted it wud b here. but they had dark choco…too bad it wasn’t good, so now im not so sure about trying the NY (if i can get it)

  3. Doesn’t sound too good. Though in Pucca’s defence I have had better one, the maple syrup or the caramel ones are usually good. :)

    • Those sound tempting(: I won’t cross Pucca off my list entirely, maybe one day, I’ll try it again, and things will be different.

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