Review #7: Ramune Bottle Candy 「ラムネ」


I’m back!

Firstly I’m going to say some stuff.

So, I found some blogs(that do candy reviews). And I’d like to say, that I’m jealous. Reason one is because (most) of them are actually in Japan. So they have more authenticity, and more variety. And the second reason, is because they’re reviews are written so expertly. So I’m jealous. :(

Secondly, I’m going to change my rating scale. (ahaha) Because it’s not entirely accurate. Or something. Or at least I’ll give the new one a try. So here we go, let’s proceed.

Today, we have something special. This candy is my first. It’s what started my obsession with Japanese candies/sweets.

(Left: Old Finished; Right: New) [As if it weren’t obvious?]

This is:
(According to the candy): ラムネ[Ramune]
(According to the label): Candy (Ramune Morinaga BR.)
(According to the internet): Ramune Bottle Candy.

I’d like to go with the last one. And it’s probably easier too if you want to search it up. Cause there are just so many Ramune candies.

This bottle isn’t extremely creative, as you can tell. It’s pretty plain. Just a green bottle, that has a couple of lumps and a cute picture. But I like it. For one thing, it’s a cute picture. Although I don’t really know what they are or what they’re doing. It seems like they are blowing bubbles with the candy, but this isn’t gum, so I’m not sure. For another thing, it’s the lumps. The bottle (I think) is trying to imitate the Codd-Shape of the actual drink. And, even though it’s not very good, I find it very awesome. Also, I love the way the candy is. I like candies in the shapes of “pills,” for some strange reason. It makes me feel like, I’m taking medication, so I can only have a certain “dosage” at a certain time. But that doesn’t stop me from downing one whenever I feel like it. (:

Rating: A-

This, as I’ve said, is the start of it all. The first candy that started my obsession. I got it cheap, $.89, extremely cheap. And that’s the same price as when I first bought it. Now you may wonder, why did it take me so long to buy another one if it’s so good? Well, that’s simply because, once I realized I loved this, the price rose. To like…$1.08 or something. And I wasn’t willing to get it for a higher price. To cheap, that or it isn’t something I’m dying for.

This is like the Ramune Iro Iro, except it doesn’t melt as fast. It’s a small pill, so it gets devoured quickly. :D! It doesn’t taste exactly like the real drink. It tastes… the artifical Ramune. But I like Ramune, artifical or real, drink or candy. So, it’s all good with me. The taste, if you haven’t had Ramune before, is sweet and powdery at first. But after a while, it gets a bit tangy. So the “coating” is sweet, while the “inside” is tangy. I usually leave it in my mouth to melt(and roll it around a bit). I don’t bite it. In fact, I’ve never tried, and I don’t plan on doing it either. As much as I want to give this taste a 10, I cannot lie to myself(or you). This candy is not 10 worthy. Or at least, it was when I first had it. But now…not so much.

Rating: B

This is what started it all. This was amazing. This…is in past tense. It’s just…not that good anymore. Sad, but true. So how do I rate this? As now, or as before. Well, if you have it once, it’s amazing. If you have it more, it might not be. That’s all I can say. So have fun, if you try this candy! And if you do, why don’t you come back and tell me what you think ;]?

Rating: B(+)

Rating Scale:
(I’ll list the impt ones, and the ones I used)

A+ = I must have all of this candy in the world.
(A- = It’s pretty cool, but not awesome.)
(B+ = Borderline between great and just good.)
(B = It’s good. But can be better)
C = Average
D= Bad
F= Inedible


2 Responses to “Review #7: Ramune Bottle Candy 「ラムネ」”

  1. Love this, it’s a classic. I wouldn’t worry too much about what everyone else is doing in regards to snack blogs, just find your own style and stick with it. :)

    I personally like the way you review. :)

    • Thanks a bunch!(:

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