Review #8: Coffeebeat 「コーヒービート」


It’s rainy over here where I live, even though it’s not supposed to be. Global Warming!!! Anyways, this weather is “perfect” for sitting by the fireplace, watching television while drinking hot chocolate. Well, problem there. One, I don’t have a fireplace. And two, I don’t have hot chocolate, or hot coffee/tea as a close second either. But I do have something else.    

So, I’m trying to decide on a format for my reviews, so bear with me for a couple of reviews. You’ll see changes here and there, to the rating, or the pictures, or title, etc. Speaking of bear.     


No, this is not coffee bear. Or am I the only one who sees it like that at first glance? Either way, this is Coffee Beat.    

 Coffee Beat is a product of Meiji that I’ve known for a while, but haven’t tried. I’ve seen it in the markets for, a real long time, though not knowing the name. And once I got hooked on the Japanese candies, it popped up again. The first few trips to Japantown, I don’t remember seeing this, or at least, I didn’t pay much attention to it. But now, I’ve picked it up.    

The packaging is in a normal tube, like that of Apollo, but smaller. It’s not flashy, but it’s not drab either. The light brown overall color of the tube, and the red cap work well together. There are “pieces” of coffee bean around the tube. Not too many, of course. Anyways, the coffee bean pieces, look…not like coffee bean pieces. Honestly, they kind of look like…brown duck lips or something. Like this! θ Totally weird. I do like the font of the title though. That, is pretty awesome. Oh, and I love the popping sound when I open it. Hehe.  On, my tube at least, the cap has a link to a site. It’s some kind of contest, but my Japanese isn’t good enough to figure it out. All I know that it’s some kind of contest to win candy(Meiji Brand), and/or books. I got that, and I wanted to enter…but I can’t figure out how to enter!!! >.>”    

Rating: A-    

I bought this at Nijiya for $1.39, which is cheaper than the online price at asian food grocer, for $1.84. Of course, you have to consider the price of shipping, but whatever.     



I like coffee. I am a coffee person. I’ve had my experience with coffee candies, but most taste sweeter than the real stuff. So, when I bought this, I was expecting just that. But boy was I wrong, deceived by past experiences and the tube pictures. The coating, when you first put it in your mouth, just laying it there, is sweet. Overly sweet like normal coffee candies. But once you get past the coating, to the creamy center, the coffee flavor is astounding. It has the bitter taste that coffee is known for, but it’s not too bitter, with some sweetness, that doesn’t overpower the bitterness. Probably like a cup of coffee with maybe one in a half cup of milk and two spoons of sugar. Or something. Either way, I was definitely surprised as this candy exceeded my initial expectation. And as all caffeine, it’s addictive. I can’t stop devouring this bite sized coffee beans. I can’t say that the look is entirely true, but Meiji is trying hard. It really looks more like chocolate though. Anyways, so we have the sweet coating and melty, creamy coffee center, if you let it melt in your mouth. If you bite it, the coffee flavor is still there. The only difference is the obvious crunchiness of the shell and the fact that it doesn’t melt. But all in all, it’s both the same.



Rating: A    

I think that this candy was really good. The packaging could’ve been better, but the taste was amazing. However, I would not buy this again, unless it were a cheaper price. I just feel…that it wasn’t totally worth my bucks. However, if you are a die-hard coffee candy fan, or unfrivolous, please go ahead. Otherwise, I’d stay away unless it goes on sale.    

Rating: B+    

Rating Scale:
A+ = I must have all this candy in the world.
(A= Great, but in order to be over the top, it needs more “Wow!”)
(A- =Good, but could be better.)
(B+ = Borderline between good and okay.)
C= Average
D= Bad
F= Inedible 

















2 Responses to “Review #8: Coffeebeat 「コーヒービート」”

  1. Hi,
    I just found your blog. Mind if I add it to my blogroll? Thanks for adding me, I appreciate it. :)

    I really like this candy :)

    • Of course you can, it would be my honor(: and No problem.

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