Haul #1 and Review #10


So I got to go to Japantown today because it was sunny! :D
(and because we got out early)

So I made the trip.
And now I have a “bunch” of goodies.

Now, I have “lots” of candy in stock. So no worries there(:
Except that I might go broke.
Haha. Jk.

I originally brought $17 (plus some random change)
and I spent $14 on all this.
LOOOL. Oh well. xD

To “commemorate”  this, I will do a small review. “Small” because it helps. Since I got this gum free from my friend.

The name of this…I guess I would say “Lotte Ume Gum.” Ume is a plum. If you read mangas or watch animes, it may sound familiar. Like, umeboshi, which is pickled plums. There are many uses for this “ume,” mainly in food and drink form. Yeah… (Too lazy to research!)

The gum wrapper itself is cute. (I haven’t taken a good look at the actual package) The slip is pink, with a small white space, that indicates for you to write your message. The gum wrapper is really shiny, decorated with the label, and some text that I can’t translate.

Rating: N/A (But if you’re curious, I would give it an A for the inner packaging)

I believe my friend bought this at Nijiya(the last time we went together to Japantown) for a little over $1.50, but I’m not entirely certain. So, let’s just leave it at a dollar something. It’s pretty expensive, considering it’s thin, small packet with maybe 9 pieces.

From outside the wrapper, you can smell it. It smells really sweet, with a slight sour bit. I’ve never smelt ume before, so I can’t know for sure whether the smell is accurate. But as far as I can tell, it’s pretty accurate. First putting it in my mouth, it tastes sweet, though there is a tiny bit of sourness(if you pay close enough attention), meaning my smelling skills were accurate. The gum immediately softens after a couple of chews.

Before I tasted this. My friend gave it to another one of our friends. She said, “It was reallllly good.” And she wanted one more.”  (But my friend didn’t have any)

After a bit more of chewing, the flavor has died a little. It’s no longer an explosion of sweetness with a slight sour bit. The flavor is still there, but not as strongly. I already spit this out…and it probably hasn’t even been 10 minutes.

I now realize what my friend meant by, “It’s not good. I mean, it’s okay, but I don’t want it.” (or something along that line)

Rating: B

“Overall” :
This was okay for my first Japanese gum. But it doesn’t inspire me to buy more Japanese gum, or at least not this brand.

It’s okay. But I wouldn’t get it myself, especially not at that price. Maybe if it was free, or something. But otherwise, no.

Rating Scale:
A+ = I must have all this candy in the world!
B+ = Borderline between okay and good.
(B = It tried it’s hardest, but it made a couple too many mistakes to be great.)
C= Average
D= Bad
F= Inedible

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