Review #11: Happy White Day!


I was originally going to do something else, but I’ve almost completely devoured this packet, so it needs to be reviewed!

Men’s (Bitter Chocolate) Pocky.

Now, as a girl, this should make me feel like this Pocky is a bit biased. I’m not very sure why it’s called “Men’s Pocky,” but it probably has to do with the fact that it’s “bitter chocolate.” Are they trying to say that women can’t handle the “bitterness” of the chocolate? Or do they believe that Dark Chocolate is associated with Men? Perhaps, they just think that it’s “Men’s” because “Men” don’t eat the frilly frilly, decor or pink strawberry Pocky. Well, whatever it is. I don’t feel very offended.

I think when I was a kid, I saw this in the store, and I thought that only “Men” could eat it. So, I never asked my mom to buy it…Or something. But now, I’m older and I know that it’s not “just for men.” So here I am, eating some Men’s Pocky.

My box of Men’s Pocky happens to be special. Because, 11/11 is the Pocky Anniversary. (and 11/11/11 is the 11th Anniversary) My box says,
“ありがとうをかたちに11%ポッキー,” meaning “As a thanks, 11% more Pocky.” Or at least…that’s what I think it says. So, my box has 11% more Pocky that the usual Men’s Pocky! Yippie! There is one thing I’m not sure of though. Firstly, I bought this box recently (in March), and 11/11 is Novemeber. That’s about 8 months away. And another thing, if it’s for 11/11/11…that’s MORE THAN A YEAR away.  I didnt actually buy this package knowing there was 11% more. I was just looking at it, and my friend was kind of rushing me, so I grabbed it and didn’t really notice it said 11% more. Not even when I got home and started taking pictures. I only noticed when I opened it, ate one, thought “There is so much more in this!” and then saw the sign that said “11%” There is a little paragraph, but I can’t really read it. If someone can please translate it for me, I’d be thankful! (:

The colors on this box, match well together, I believe. The dark, turquoise-y color against the brown of the dark chocolate. I also love how the box opens and closes. And the diagram on the side that tells you how to open it if you can’t figure it out (*coughcough* xD) The only thing that’s a turn off is how fake the Pocky looks on the box. I mean, I don’t expect it to look exactly the same as the actual product, but at least don’t make it look “waxy” and “inedible.”

Rating: B+

Opening Instructions.                               Took me ~3 mins to open it like this.

This is obviously more expensive than regular Pocky, which is about $.99, this cost me $1.49, which is pretty cheap I guess. Cheap compared to online by a mile. And cheap especially since there’s 11% more!

My friend told me that this was, “So good. I like it alot. I can’t go back to the regular one.” That raised my expectation for this pretty high, I thought it would be something amazing. The first bite I took, not amazing. It was good, but not as amazing as my friend made it sound. (and when I told her, she said, “Well, I still like it.”) The smell is of dark chocolate, and it smells sweet, exactly like dark chocolate does. The dark chocolate flavor is there when you bite into it. It’s not much, just a layer of dark chocolate around the pretzel. I can’t say if it’s a thicker layer or chocolate than the regular one, or not though. The taste of the dark chocolate, is indeed bitter with some sweetness to it. Personally, it’s a bit too sweet of a dark chocolate for me. I prefer something darker. Which makes me think back to how it’s “Men’s” Pocky and “women can’t handle the flavor.” Or something. The pretzel gives a nice crunch as well. Overall this is a good Pocky, but a bit of a disappointment, I expected something more amazing. However, if my friend had not told me, I probably would have a less biased review.

Rating: A-

Compared to Regular:
I will add this in later. Because I don’t have my hands on a box of regular Pocky yet. And I wanted to post this today, because it’s White Day. And I couldn’t post something else, because it’s the eleventh review for a box of Pocky with eleven percent more because of the eleventh anniversary.

This is a pretty good Pocky, probably better than the regular one. Definitely a good one, following up on the last baked good snack I reviewed. It’s a bit of a disappointment, but still good otherwise.

Rating: A-

Verdict: I would buy this again. But only if it’s pretty cheap.

Read Candy Blog’s review of Men’s Pocky here.

Rating Scale:
A+ = I must have all this snack in the world!
(A- = It’s good, but disappointing. It would have been better without being biased at first.)
(B+ = Borderline between okay and good. Just one more thing needed to boost it up.)
C= Average
D= Bad
F= Inedible

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