Review #12: Dars Bitter Chocolate 「ダース•ビター」


Uwah! I haven’t updated in a while! But I do have a reason. My computer was broken-caught a virus and stuff-so I had to deal with that for a whole week! So I had no access to my files. But now I do, so now I will do a review for you guys! (:

This is my first packet of Dars Bitter Choco. I bought it on the same day I bought those Pucca Fishies.

and this:

This is my 2nd packet of this Dars Choco.

As you might, probably not, can tell; this 2nd packet is different. It says clearly on the packet, NEW. Written in what looks like diamonds.
It says: さらにマイルドになってミルクチョコ好きにもオススメ!
さらに = Moreover
マイルドになって = Is Mild
ミルクチョコ好きにも = Like Milk Chocolate Also
オススメ = Recommend

Er…I would roughly translate it into;
New! Moreover, we recommend this mild [flavor] if you like [the] milk chocolate [flavor] also.
Or something……..would someone like to correct me?

Now with this packaging, Morinaga is obviously not looking to attract small kid’s attention. Moreover, especially not with this flavor. ビター; Bitter. I, on the other hand, LOVE (大好き) Dark Chocolate. The packaging is plain, simple, but still well done; in my taste at least. It’s simply a black box(like the darkness of the chocolate…and I know that there’s a Red Box for Milk Chocolate and a White Box for White Chocolate) with what it is, the labels and two pictures of the chocolate. The pictures are okay. They aren’t actual close ups, as the real ones are darker colored, but still you get the idea. It’s plain and simple, and I wouldn’t really ask for more than this. (on the packaging at least) I love how the inside, the chocolates are placed on a little tray that is wrapped in a silver packaging. That. Is. Just. Plain. Awesome (=!!! (the tray part that is)

Rating: A+

I think this cost me $1.72 at my Local Super Market. And later, I found it for $1.59 at Ichiban’kan. The asian food grocer price is $1.72 and I believe it is the same for all three flavors(Milk, Dark and White Chocolate).

As you know, I bought this on a whim(refer to Review #6). I saw this chocolate on my last last trip to Japantown, but I didn’t get it. I already knew the price of online. And in the store, it matched. I was feeling whimsy, so I just bought it, regardless of the cheaper price at Japantown. (I was originally going to try White Chocolate after reading Tasty Japan’s review, but then I saw there was Dark Chocolate so White was opted out, maybe next time!) Anyways, I love dark chocolate. Absolutely love. It’s my favorite kind of chocolate. With White Chocolate coming in a close second.

The chocolate square……err…rectangle, indeed smells like dark chocolate. A sweet, yummy dark chocolate. There is a thin coating of dark chocolate over the center, which is also dark chocolate. The layer is pretty that sometimes I can’t bite just the coating off even if I try. You can eat this whatever way you prefer. I prefer biting the coating off first though. The inside is a more solid chocolate. Both layers taste the same, so if you were blindfolded, you wouldn’t even be able to tell there was a coating. In any case, the dark chocolate flavor is evident with it being a little bit on the sweet side. Personally, I prefer something darker, but it’s still good. In fact, I can’t stop munching on these. I had to control myself to not devour the first box before I could go to Japantown and get it for cheaper. And now, I’m almost halfway through the second pack. (Next week, I will be going to Japantown so I’ll be sure to pick up some more, and perhaps try the White Chocolate as well).

Rating: A+

This is a superb chocolate. The only problem is that there’s not enough. 12 rectangles is not enough to satisfy me. Also, it’s a bit overpriced.

Rating: A+

Verdict: I want all this candy, but I’m just not willing to pay that much for it.

Rating Scale:
(A+ = Really super awesome, just one tiny little detail should be changed)
A = Great, but needs a little something more to get that extra points
B+ =  Borderline between okay and good
C= Average
D= Bad
F= Inedible

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4 Responses to “Review #12: Dars Bitter Chocolate 「ダース•ビター」”

  1. So, in all, what did you think of the new mild chocolate taste? I’ve never had the dark before.

    • Well, the ‘new mild” taste really didn’t taste any different from the original one I had. In fact, I only saw that it said “New,” and didn’t really bother to read it until after I had already eaten one or two. And I thought it was a new wrapper or something.
      Anyways, like I said, I really really like dark chocolate. So I enjoyed this one. You could say that I only like it because it’s dark. But still, it’s good chocolate so you should try it sometime! (:

  2. 3 tann

    Just bought a few bars of chocolate and check out ur review to c how good it tase. Honestly, i think it is a very expensive chocolate and it doesnt even taste good. My rating is anywhere D to C of ur scale

    • Yeah, it is kind of expensive, but for me, personally, I think its one of the best brands of chocolate. I’m sorry you didn’t like it that much though.

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