Review #13: Gokuboso Pocky 「ポッキー・ごくぼそ」


(I’m going to include more Japanese in my reviews, because I’m trying to incorporate more of it into my life. In fact…I’ve started a private journal in Japanese…a lot are probably grammatically wrong sentences, and there are a couple words/phrases in Japanese. But I’m satisfied…for now.)

Well, on my last trip to 日本町. I had the price of asianfoodgrocer and my local supermarket. And I found out that it was cheapest at my local market. So, I didn’t get it at 日本町.

About a week or so, I went to my local supermarket, just to get something to eat. Not specifically wanting this. But once I saw it, I remembered that it was cheapest here. So I decided to get it. Plus the fact that there’s 11% more!

The box really isn’t something special. It doesn’t stand out. It’s pretty much like the Men’s Pocky, but a bit more plain and showing the ごくぼそポッキー instead. I do, however, like the way the box opens. The normal chocolate boxes have that strip for you to peel, but then that’s it. However, this one allows me to sort of “reseal,” the box. Which I like a lot. Still, the other ポッキー boxes (some) have this too, so it really is nothing special.

Rating: C+

As I said, this was the cheapest I could get. The price at 日本町 was about $2-something. The price at Asian Food Grocer is $1.89, but I can’t buy online so… Anyways, so this cost me, $1.99, not the cheapest ポッキー in the world, but definitely not the most expensive. (あまりやすいですが、あまりたかいです)But I figured I would “kind of” be getting a “deal,” since this is 11% more and online is (probably) just a regular box. I’m not sure though, because there are 2 packs with about 24 sticks in each.  But my box says, “Serving Size=34g, Serving Per Container=2, NET WT=68g” And on asian food grocer’s nutrition fact, it says, “Serving Size=41g, Serving Per Container=2, NET WT=82g” So I have a feeling, that I kind of got ripped off.

ごくぼそ(Gokuboso) translates into something like, “extremely thin.” At first, I couldn’t really tell it was thinner. But now I can see, that it is indeed thinner than the average ポッキー stick. My first thought when I bit into this stick was, “Yuck, it tastes like the hospital.” (…I have strange taste buds) But to explain it better, would be saying, “It tastes like some kind of Chinese herbal medicine.” It still kind of tastes like that, but not as much. And after the 2nd bite or so, the “medicine” taste goes away.

Now, I have to tell the truth. I was not unbiased when I ate this. I had read Pocky Watch’s review on ごくぼそ ポッキー and it said, “I’m not sure I can ever go back to the regular stuff.” So I was indeed expecting something. True, I cannot go back to regular ポッキー now, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll be constantly eating this ごくぼそポッキー. It just means, that I’ll be trying the different flavors.

Anyways, this ポッキー is indeed “thin.” Because the stick is smaller sized than the regular ポッキー and the チョコ(Choco) layer is also thinner. I think it’s okay. The thin layer, it doesn’t really make a difference to me. Besides the “hospital taste” in the first bite, the rest of it pretty much tastes like a regular ポッキー. There is a pretty good crunch to it. Making the famous “ポッキー” sound that named this snack……just kidding. I don’t really hear the sound, only vaguely so I can’t confirm it.

One bad thing is that, the biscuit part of this ポッキー gets stale quickly. I left the package open(because I didn’t want to eat it all at once), and the next day or so, the biscuit part was already stale! I was in shock. It’s not much…I guess. Because the part with チョコ on it is still okay, and has that “crunch,” but the end part with just plain biscuit is totally stale and yucky! Even though it’s only a small portion of the stick, still…it MEANS something. I would not recommend eating this ポッキー unless you plan to eat the whole pack in one day, or else it will go stale!

Rating: C-

This isn’t a bad ポッキー, it just isn’t special. There’s nothing really unique about it, besides the fact that it’s thinner and there’s less チョコ. It’s still good, but nothing special.

Rating: C

I LOVEEEEE Digital Macro Pictures(:

Verdict: I would not buy this again, especially for the price. The only way I would eat this again(besides the second pack in the box) is if someone offered it to me.

Rating Scale:
A+ = I want all this snack in the world!
A= Great but needs some more to get those extra points.
B+ = Borderline between okay and good.
(C+ = Average, but there’s a small thing that makes it slightly better.)
(C = Average, nothing special.)
(C- = A little bit worse than average, but not disgusting enough to be bad.)
D= Bad
F= Inedible

I finally mastered the art of opening these kinds of ポッキー bags!

Read Pocky Watch’s review of ごくぼそポッキー here.

PS: I will be going to 日本町 on Wednesday or Thursday! (even though I still have a bunch of stuff I haven’t reviewed yet!)

2 Responses to “Review #13: Gokuboso Pocky 「ポッキー・ごくぼそ」”

  1. 1 BJ

    Don’t you think it’s weird that they put 11% more, like how did they come up with 11%? What an odd number!

    Either way it sounds disappointing :(

    • Oh! Well if I didn’t know why, I would think it was odd. But, if you read Review #11; Men’s Bitter Chocolate Pocky, you’ll see why it’s 11%.

      It was pretty disappointing. But don’t just take my word for it. Because everyone has different taste buds. What one person says is delicious, someone might say it’s disgusting. So if you can and if you want, you should give it a try and see what you think.

      Thanks for dropping by and reading! (:

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