Haul #2 and Review #14


今日は日本町へいきます。(Today I went to Japantown.)
And this is what I brought back:

Bleh. I know it’s not much. But I just didn’t feel very spendy today.
and plus, the main reason I went to 日本町 was to watch a movie:
Alice in Wonderland! (:

It was awesome! xD
Anyways, don’t fret. Because I still have lots to review.

So here’s a SPECIAL review! My first DRINK REVIEW!!! xD

“Ito En Tea Mango”

It’s kind of weird…especially the four mangoes. But I like it. It’s very nice, but still weird. It caught my eye at Nijiya, but I didn’t know if I wanted it.  But I ended up getting it……at Ichiban’kan.

Rating: B

This cost me $1.34 at Ichiban’kan. I…don’t remember the price at Nijiya. But whatever. I guess, you could call it “cheap,” or “regular priced.”

Opening it, it doesn’t really smell like mangoes. I can’t put my finger on what it really smells like though. However, the sip is definitely mango flavored. The bottle claims it’s “all natural,” and I can very much believe that. It’s like drinking juice straight from the mango fruit itself. So natural and pure. But…Honestly, I don’t really like bottled tea very much. I prefer hot tea served from a tea pot. Because bottled tea(and iced tea) leave a strange aftertaste. This one leaves that strange aftertaste that I expected. But I’ve gotten used to it. I really love the flavor and smell of this drink. But I’m just not the type who likes bottled/iced tea.

Rating: B+

This is a nice drink. I really love the smell and flavor. But I’m just not a fan of iced/bottled tea drinks. Makes me wonder why I got it in the first place…

Rating: B

I would not get this again unless Ito En made a different type of mango flavored drink.

Rating Scale:
A+ = I must have all this drink in the world!
(B+ = Borderline between okay and good.)
(B= I like it, but I’m just not a fan of the type.)
C = Average
D= Bad
F= In…drinkable? [I don’t think that’s a word…]

Here’s the Ito En website if you want.


One Response to “Haul #2 and Review #14”

  1. See, I never really get into drinks by Itoen, they always seem overly healthy and not fun enough.

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