Review #16: Hi-Chew White Peach 「ハイチュー:白桃」


First of all, thank you to Pockywatch’s “shout out” on their twitter.

And next, we have this week’s review!
I (think) I got this a long while back, a bit after the Blood Orange one.

Since it was a while back, I can’t really remember what I thought of the packaging at first. Now though, I can tell you what I think now. I love how in the background, there’s a picture of Mt. Fuji, or 富士山. That is a big plus with me. The one thing about Japan I love the most(as far as scenery goes)  besides さくら(cherry blossoms) is 富士山. According to Snack Love’s review, the area around 富士山 is known for 白桃, explaining the portrait.

And then there’s the picture of the two peaches. They look pretty real, but totally fake at the same time. And it tells what the flavor is…kind of. (And the little border of cute peaches and leaves is absolutely adorable too!) Another big plus.

And finally, we have the scroll with the name of the ハイチュウ. Now, I can’t read it…the kanji, or at least, I couldn’t. But it’s cool the way they put it in a scroll form. It looks a little off though, the colors they chose. That would be the only thing I would change about it.

Now, it seems that some time last summer(around August or so), ハイチュウ came out with a series called, ワールドフルーツ, or World Fruits. In this series are the flavors, 白桃, ドリアン(Durian), ドラゴンフルーツ(Dragonfruit), カムカム(Camucamu), アメリカンチェリー(American Cherry) and ブラッドオレンジ( Blood Orange, which I failed to mention last time).

Well, first of all カムカム is sort of like a grape, is all I can tell you. And, I wasn’t entirely aware of this series, and now it may be too late.  I don’t really like Cherry or Durian, but I would have loved to dry Dragonfruit or Camucamu. All I was able to get my hands on was 白桃 and ブラッドオレンジ. You can still get those two, and アメリカンチェリー at asian food grocer, but they may be out of stock, as AFG often is.

Rating: A+

(From now on; I’ll try to find the best prices for you guys! But I may have multiple links.)
This was regular priced for a Japanese ハイチュウ at Ichiban’kan; for $1.19. The price at asian food grocer is $1.48. (And sorry, but I can’t find it anywhere else online!)

I love 白桃, especially over yellow peaches. For one thing, they don’t have the fuzz on the outer skin. And another thing, they just taste better. Juicier, sweeter and…purer(because it’s less fleshy than the yellow peaches).

This ハイチュウ is white, with a sort of pale pink middle. Oddly, the first sniff smells like coconut…And then later, you can tell it’s peach, but there’s still that vague coconut smell in the background. The flavor however is definitely that of white peach. A very good thing, as some don’t taste exactly right.

The flavor hits the taste buds as soon as the candy touches your tongue, and it stays there, with short bursts of flavor as you chew. The flavor stays a very strong white peach until the very end. And there is that delectable chewiness of any ハイチュウ.

Rating: A+

This is an amazing ハイチュウ. It is currently my favorite Japanese ハイチュウ out of the (very) few I’ve tried so far. This little square captures the very sweet, pure essence of the white peach, which happens to be one of my favorite fruits.

Rating: A+

I would love to get my hands on this candy again if I could. But because it was part of the ワールドフルーツ series, I don’t know if it still exists(in America at least).

Rating  Scale:
(A+ = Absolutely amazing! I must have all the rest of this candy in the world!)
B = Good
C = Average
D = Bad
F = Inedible

Read Candyblog’s review on Dragonfruit, White Peach, CamuCamu and Durian here.

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2 Responses to “Review #16: Hi-Chew White Peach 「ハイチュー:白桃」”

  1. 1 Kelly

    Sounds really nice. I’ve seen it around but wondered if it was worth buying, I guess I will have to get a pack now! (if i can find any)

    • It is really good(:
      Really now? That’s great! I hope I can still find more as well :D!

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