Special: Japantown-Cherry Blossom Festival 「日本町:さくらまつり」


I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival on Sunday, check out my Tumblr for pictures.


Note: This post has lots of pictures- BEWARE! xD


Not much. A free piggybank from CitiBank that my friend won for me.  Some buttons I bought from a booth, Pixipets. Two candies, that both happen to be Strawberry-flavored. And a cute みかん(orange) keychain, that I bought as a pair with my friend.

A rude, but cute, keychain button- one dollar.

His name is Cat. I got him out of the "vending machine," -75 cents.

Here’s the comic I got in my egg. (read the others too, they’re pretty funny!)

Cat being rude. But I'm having fun using this button, hehe. Totally worth a dollar.

Bunny. Not really worth a dollar...but still cute.

Front view. Such a かわいいのかお(cute face).

Back view. With きれい花(pretty flowers).

Small review if you click the ‘more’ button.

I’m just going to name this フルーツゼリー(Fruit Jelly).

My mom gave me these three, so I don’t know what the packaging-packaging looks like. But these wrappers are…okay. They’re kind of plain, but I guess otherwise okay.

Rating: N/A

Cost: N/A

I have tried these before, and I don’t think I used to really like them. But it’s been a while, so I’ll give them another try. So we have three flavors: Melon, Orange and Strawberry.

First up is Melon.

Each jelly has (edible) rice paper wrapped around it, which are pretty tasteless so it doesn’t affect the candy really. You can eat it or peel it off(which is kind of hard) if you want. The candy is pretty chewy, but not too sticky. Biting into, there is that very melon-like taste. It’s kind of like a cantaloupe taste. I can’t say I like this very much, only because I don’t like melons.

Rating: B

Next is Orange.

The texture is the same. The flavor is a really artificial orange.  It’s making me gag right now… It’s not inedible…but pretty bad. No, I can’t even finish this…

Rating: D-

Okay, last one, Strawberry.

This one isn’t so bad, definitely not as bad as the Orange one. Maybe because I just like strawberries. Still, there’s just something…really gross about these jellies…the flavor for this one is fine but…

Rating: D

I now remember why I didn’t like these jellies.

Rating: D

Verdict: I will never buy this, ever. And I will never eat it, even if it’s free.

Rating Scale:
A+ = I must have all this candy in the world!
(B = Good, but not entirely tasty.)
C = Average
(D = Bad.)
(D- =Very very very bad.)
F = Inedible.


2 Responses to “Special: Japantown-Cherry Blossom Festival 「日本町:さくらまつり」”

  1. 1 Kelly

    I’ve seen those around, they remind me of botan ame.
    I used to eat them as a kid :) I guess what we ate as a kid doesn’t always satisfy us when we’re adults.

    By the way, you are spelling photo wrong, it should be しゃしん or 写真. Just letting you know in case you weren’t aware. :)

    • Hmm.

      Oh, oops. I think I accidentally left out the ‘h’ when I was typing it. xP

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