Preview of HK Haul and Review #21


Okay, so 私のいとこはHKにいます。(my cousin lives in Hong Kong) And she’s preparing me a package of stuff, which I will get in one of two ways.

Way #1:

My uncle is going back to China on 5/7 and will come back on 5/31. And my cousin may give my uncle the package to bring back to me.

Way #2:
私のいとこのいとこ ここにいます。そして、SOMETIME中国へいきます。七月にかえります。そして、私のいとこをあげます。

My cousin’s cousin lives here. And he’s going back to China sometime(IDK when exactly), and he’s coming back in July. So, my cousin will give it to him then to give it to me.

I hope Way #1 works so I can get it sooner! But I have to talk to people since my cousin is from my mom’s side and my uncle is from my dad’s side, so yeah…

Anyways, here are the pictures she’s sent me:
(this is the stuff she already bought for me before informing me and before I ask her for more stuff….xP)


Unfortunately for me, 私のいとこ said she already started eating the yellow one…(I don’t know which “yellow one” exactly…) Which makes me question why she bought it so early on(April) when she didn’t think I would get it until July… *sigh* Did she really buy it for ME?

Moving on to today’s review!


The famous Calpico or Calpis, Lychee flavored.

I love the plastic strip on this bottle. It’s cute. Maybe you can’t really tell from the picture, but it’s a light yellow shade with pink polka dots. Of course, pink is far from my favorite color. I think light blue would have worked fine for the dots. But I won’t be too biased.

Apparently, these colors are based on the “Milky Way”. And it used to be white dots on a blue background, until 1953. The “Milky Way” is referring to 七夕 on 七月七日(Tanabata ‘Star’ Festival on July 7th). That is cool. :D

The “wave” and the Lychee picture is pretty cool too. But it isn’t something majorly awesome. I think that カルピス should have a cute mascot. That would be awesome.

Rating: A-

According to Wikipedia, this drink is カルピスウォーター. (Calpis Water)

But does that “6th character” look anything like this: ォ? I was racking my brain this morning trying to figure that out, and now I know…

This is the big bottle, so I’d estimate about $3-4, but it was my mom who bought it.  You can buy the Mango-flavored(big&small one) and Original(big and small) at AsianFoodGrocer. The Lychee one at Amazon, for about $6(big one). Or try this place for the small Mango or Lychee.

Personally I don’t really like Lychee-flavored stuff, except for that candy by Kasugai. The actual fruit it okay…but maybe it’s just because I’m too lazy to peel the skin. Plus the seed is big sometimes…But otherwise it’s okay.

So when I first tried this, I wasn’t too giddy about it.

It has a distinct Lychee aroma and taste. The aroma is light and sweet. The taste of it isn’t really the Lychee in itself, but it’s like the “outer layer of skin”. I don’t really know if you’ll get what I’m saying, but yeah. It’s not the same taste as if you eat the fruit, but maybe if you *ahem*licktheskin. (Sorry if that grossed anyone out. I hope you weren’t eating anything!)

Rating: A

Overall: Overall, this is a good drink. It would have gotten a B average. But since it was exceeded my expectations, it deserves an A.

Rating: A

Verdict: If I were buying a カルピス drink, I would definitely consider this one.

Rating Scale:
A+ = I must have all this drink in the world!
(A = Awesome, because it exceeded my expectations, but not amazing.)
(A- = Great, there needs to be some changes I believe. *ahemcutemascot*)
B = Good
C = Average
D = Bad
F = Undrinkable

Read Who Is Baby’s thoughts on カルピス:ライチ here.

Here’s a short blurb by Kara Walker on Bionic Bong.

(Okay…so Hello Kitty is on these bottles. But not mine. And she’s not really the mascot….right? Who wants to correct me?)


3 Responses to “Preview of HK Haul and Review #21”

  1. Wow those stickers are really cute!! How do you plan to use them?

    The reviews are great, I love trying new flavors of calpis but I think I’ve only had about 3 or so kinds haha. I lychee flavor, so maybe I should try it!

    And thank you very much for your kind comment to my blog!!

    • Well, I actually asked my cousin to get me one more of the one on the left side and one more of the one in the middle. That way, for the one on the left, I can use it for projects in my Japanese class at school and the other I can keep to look at cause it’s so pretty(: And the one in the middle, I plan to give one of them to someone as a present. And the others, I’ll probably just keep them around to stare at or use them on cards.

      Haha, I think I’m about the same as you. I’ve only had Strawberry, Original and Lychee.

      Thanks for your comment too(: I love your blog! xD

  2. Deco Assorto! I love them. Yum, Lychee Calpis looks good!!

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