Review #23: Ramune 「ラムネ:ひゃしゅわ」


Since this is my first multipack(or whatever you want to call it) review, I messed up with the pictures. Which is why, this post will have many of those pictures…Sorry, I’ll do better next time!

I got this candy a really long time ago. Don’t even ask when, ’cause I don’t remember. But it was during a trip back from 日本町 with one of my best friends. Before 2010, that I know for sure. And, it expired in April 2010.

[The rating of this post will be slightly different than usual]

Since it was such a long time ago, I don’t really know what I thought about it when I first saw it. (I don’t think I knew how to read Japanese when I bought it……which might mean that it was in the summer……oh gosh…that’s a whole year! Okay, don’t mind my rambling…)

I can say now though, that if I saw this, I would be intrigued. First of all, it’s colorful. Second, there’s a clear picture of a ラムネ bottle, which would intrigue me, as 私はラムネが大好き(I love Ramune).

It’s really creative and pretty. This is probably [one of] my most favorite non-mascot packaging.

Rating: A+

I bought this at a market near 日本町 called ——(I don’t want to reveal where I live exactly), for $2.99. Kind of expensive now that I think about it. You can get it here for a ridiculous price of about $7.29, but I think it’s because it comes in bulk…though I’m not sure how many(maybe 2). You can buy one pack here for $3.25. You can buy four bags on EBay for $12, that’s $3 each. Ooh, here’s one for $2.50, which is probably the cheapest you’ll get. (But it expired in April of this year) Even cheaper than what I bought it for!

ひやひやラムネ「”Chilly”(Cold) Ramune」:
There’s that ラムネ flavor that we [all] know and love. At least for me. If I were to describe it, I believe Chilly would be the right word. The candy kind of releases a cool “breeze”, similar to a breath mint in that sense. So it would be like a ラムネ flavored breath mint, if I were to really describe it. I think the flavor and intensity has lessened a bit, obviously since it’s old.

Rating: 4/5

つぶつぶラムネ 「Grainy/”Pebbly” Ramune」:
Out of the three ラムネ flavors, I’m most familiar (now) with this one “つぶつぶ”, which is why I knew it was “grainy” and didn’t really have to refer to an online dictionary to translate it. Despite what the picture looks like, I can only see one “grain” on this piece of candy. The famous ラムネキャーンディ flavor kicks in. Similar to the taste of the other ラムネキャーンディ, but more sour instead of sweet. Once you get past that sour layer, however,  it gets sweeter, still with a bit of tang. I like this sourness, but I don’t think the candy is actually very “grainy” in itself. So that’s a bit of a lie disappointment.

Rating: 3/5

しゅわしゅわラムネ 「”Fizzy” Ramune」:
Once again, the flavor of the ラムネ comes out in a tangy sour form. Unlike the last one, this ラムネ is true to it’s name, as it really creates a “fizz” in your mouth. The fizzes release burst of sour juice, not incredibly sour of course. This is the closest to the actual ラムネ drink’s “texture”, the only thing different is that this candy is sour instead of sweet. This is my favorite of the three pieces, with the ひやひやラムネ coming in a close second, and (very) lastly, the つぶつぶラムネ.

Rating: 5/5

ミラクル パイナップル昧 「Miracle Pineapple Flavor」:
This candy had the least, maybe about four pieces, and unfortunately, I don’t have anymore. (Remember, this candy is old!) In fact, this review consumed my very last pieces of this pack(I saved it just to do a review). I do remember liking this パイナップル one, but I don’t know how much.

Overall Rating: A

Overall Thoughts:
I thought this candy was really good. With the only setback being that the つぶつぶラムネ was not very grainy at all(or at least not that piece).

Verdict: I really really really want this candy again! But the market is out of the way for when I go to Japantown. Hopefully, next time, I won’t be too lazy to pick up a pack(or two!) if they still have it in stock.

Rating Scale:
(A+ = I must have all this candy in the world!)
(A = Really awesome, with only one setback.)
B = Good
C = Average
D = Bad
F = Inedible

Here’s a forum talking about this candy.


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