Review #24: Pocky Mix Berry 「ポッキーミックスベリー」 (and Happy Mother’s Day!)


Happy 母の日(Mother’s Day)! Hope everyone had an awesome day. 母、ありがとう。大好きだよ。

The reason for this ポッキー post is because of the fact that I currently have three boxes of them in stock. It was extremely easy to choose between the three, as A) I was in the mood for a fruit flavor and B) The other two were both chocolate based flavors. And lastly, I chose this because it’s almost summer! And this box gives off a summery feel.

I first heard/saw of this ポッキー on one of Pocky Watch’s review. It tempted me online, and it tempted when I saw it at Nijiya at first. This is my first time experiencing a ポッキー box like this. And I have to say, I like it. It’s not like, I love it way more than the usual. But it is nice, just not in the going crazy over it way. I also love how they put in 4 packs. That way, I don’t have to hurry and eat it all in one sitting, afraid for it to get stale. There are four packs with five sticks each, making a total of 20 sticks.

The four sticks of ポッキー on the box looks absolutely yummy. The grainy bits of fruit make the stick look sweet and delicious. The bunch of fruits クランベリー, ストロベリー, and ブルーベリー(Cranberry, Strawberry and Blueberry) is what gives off a summery feel, for me at least. The strawberries look very nice, the blueberries are okay, but the cranberries look less than tempting. In fact, they sort of resemble tomatoes to me.

Rating: A+

I bought this box of ポッキー at a market in 日本町 for the price of $2.48, which was cheaper than the price Nijiya was offering. [Note: My local market just put these up on the shelves for a cheaper price!!!! Like $2.39…I’m upset.] Here it is at the same price at Asian Food Grocer. Here it is at Anime Castle for $2.99. Nappa Japan is  selling it for $3.49.

My first sniff of this, I thought smelt a sweet berry. Then, to get a stronger smell, I took another sniff, but this time it came out like a grape medicine smell. To confirm the smell, I took one last sniff, this one came out as a sweet strawberry smell. (So it occasionally smells like grape medicine, or sometimes it smells like strawberry)

I was actually surprised, because when I initially looked at the packs, it looked like there were four sticks. So when I opened it and found five sticks, I was mildly surprised. The ポッキー sticks look absolutely yum, with the grainy berry bits. It looks very nice and sweet.

The taste is hard to describe. There’s the slight crunch from the biscuit along with the smoothness of the cream. (with a slight graininess) But then the cream is sweet at first, but turns tangy, which I like. The cream and smell gives a strawberry taste, and there’s a tangyness from the cranberry. I can’t really tell where the blueberry fits in, for the taste at least.

I put two sticks in the fridge for five minutes to see if it would make a difference. (also since they were a bit melted from my taking them outside in the hot sun for pictures) The taste is the same. The only thing is that it’s colder(obviously). But I actually like it like this. It would be great on a hot summer day, slightly cold, yummy ポッキー. I think I might try eating this again this way, only leaving it in a little longer than five minutes, but careful not to freeze it over.

This snack is…again, hard to describe. It’s not like regular ポッキー with the fun “crunch”. But it’s not like some soft candy. It sort of just…melts in your mouth. Metaphorically, I would say, “It’s not like head banging rock music, but it’s not like sweet classical music either. It’s sort of in the middle between the two.” I would imagine munching on these sticks while sitting on the beach on a warm sunny summer day. “A Perfect Summer.”

Rating: A

I can’t say I was ecstatic about this yummy snack’s outcome. Because, I was looking forward to it, but I didn’t really set a bar to it. I knew it wouldn’t disappoint, but how much, I didn’t know. I am very happy with this ポッキー, but not jumping up and down happy. (I still have to give it that plus though)

Rating: A+

Verdict: I would definitely buy this again.

Rating Scale:
(A+ = Perfect, or close to it)
(A = Awesome, but I can’t stand that grape medicine smell)
B = Good
C = Average
D =  Bad
F = Inedible

Read Pocky Watch’s review on this flavor here.


2 Responses to “Review #24: Pocky Mix Berry 「ポッキーミックスベリー」 (and Happy Mother’s Day!)”

  1. 1 ilyana

    Hey hun!! It’s ilyana from tea noir! I actually read a couple of your entries earlier this month but didn’t have time to comment. School kills! I love that you blog in Japanese, it gives me katakana practice lol. I loveeee pocky! I recently bought the meiji fromage fran and oh my god, soooo good! ;D

    • Hello(:
      Yes, school sucks. D; But at least it’s almost summer!~ :D
      Hahaha, I only barely do it in Japanese, since I’m still learning myself. :)
      OMG! That sounds superb! :D What flavor was it? I also had Fran too, but it was only the original white Fran, nothing fancy-schmancy.

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