Strawberry Days – the 1st – Happy Puccho Choco&Strawberry「幸せぷっちょ:チョコチップ in チョコいちご」


Curious about the title? Well, I just realized that the last post, and this post are both strawberry-flavored. And then thinking, I remembered I had more strawberry products on hand, so I decided to pull them together and create Strawberry Days. Starting from this post, and ending with a total of 5 days.

On the other hand, I feel like the English name is such a mouthful, so I shortened it. From “Happy Puccho : Chocolate Chip in Chocolate Strawberry” to “Happy Puccho Choco&Strawberry”.

This is my third ぷっちょ candy, but the first that I’m reviewing. I may buy the first one I had again, so I won’t tell you which it is. Just look out for a review. Anyways, for those of you who don’t know, ぷっちょ is like ハイチュウ. Actually, I believe ぷっちょ is a derivative of  ハイチュウ. But I don’t know that for sure. I know ハイチュウ was first released in 1975, but I don’t know about ぷっちょ, maybe 1997 or so. If anyone knows, let me know and I can change this part. There are two differences between ぷっちょ and ハイチュウ. The first, is that ハイチュウ is more “waxy” and “rubbery” in that chewy way we love ハイチュウ as. The other difference between the two is that ぷっちょ pieces have tiny gummy balls within the rectangle of goodness.

ぷっちょ is manufactured by UHA Mikakuto. In English, UHA stands for Unique Human Adventure. In Japanese, UHA is pronounced “Yuu Ha”. “Yuu” meaning pleasure, and “Ha” meaning waves. Which is supposed to represent “our wish to provide pleasure through our confectioneries, quietly and gently, like calm waves.” You can view their candy selection and see all their yummy goods.  Or you can download their adorable (とてもかわいい) wallpaper/screensavers and other printable goodies.

ぷっちょ usually churns out some pretty cute mascots to accompany their flavors, and this mascot is no less cute than the rest. A strawberry…girl, I assume. Sure, her strawberry head is bigger than her body. But I’m a sucker for any food with a cutesy face.

I have to say, most of ぷっちょ product’s packaging are all the same. There’s nothing really much different from each package, except for the mascot. But it’s all frills and cuteness. (Which, I don’t mind, and I assume that ぷっちょ targets little kids anyhow). This, though, is the first time I’ve seen a 幸せぷっちょ(Happy Puccho), making the candy look pretty promising.

Rating: A

I bought this at Nijiya for $1.89. That’s about $0.19 for each piece, I’d say it’s a reasonable deal.  Buy it at JBOX for $1.80, only 8 in stock as of now so hurry! Get it at Mel and Rose for $2.25. Or on EBay for $2.79.

I first munched on right when I was at the bus stop waiting to go home after the trip to 日本町. My first impression of this was that it wasn’t bad, just nothing really special.

My sense of smell isn’t that great, but I can smell the tangy(but artificial) strawberry flavor, along with faint chocolate wafting in the air. Now, I don’t know about you, but I eat my candies, most of them, by popping the whole thing in my mouth. (I would try both ways, popping the whole thing and taking two bites, but I only have two pieces left, and I’m supposed to share the last piece with my friend.)

So, I’ll go with the usual way. The outer coating is strawberry. It’s sweet and pretty flavorful, but it’s also waxy in texture. After a bit, the chocolate flavor(which is in the inner coating) comes in, like background music, it’s not entirely noticeable, and only comes out in tiny bursts. After a bit more chewing, the chocolate flavor becomes more noticeable. It tastes like a tootsie roll kind of chocolate(too bad I can’t read kanji very well, so I can’t see if the chocolate ingredients are the same).

I must be pretty unlucky, as this piece does not have any pieces of gummy within it. And I must say, I like the gummy part of ぷっちょ, it’s what makes it ぷっちょ. Especially since I mentioned it was one of two differences between ハイチュウ and ぷっちょ. Of course, I won’t hold it against my rating.

Rating: B-

The packaging is cute, as expected from ぷっちょ. But the taste of this particular flavor isn’t something I totally enjoy. As in, besides the strawberry part in the beginning, it tastes like a toostie roll, which I don’t very much like. If you do however, by all means, splurge on this candy.

Rating: B+

Verdict: I don’t see myself putting this candy in my cart again.

Rating Scale:
A+ = Perfect, or close to it.
(A = Great)
(B+ = Borderline between Good and Great)
(B- = Almost plain, if it didn’t have the strawberry part)
C = Average
D = Bad
F = Inedible

Read Tasty Japan’s review on Choco&Strawberry ぷっちょ here.

*On a side note, I seem to be getting some weird referrers to my blog. Two from someone on a site watching The Office, one from a Tupperware site…O.O” I mean, I’m not complaining, it’s just kind of weird/funny and I though I’d share it with you.*


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