Strawberry Days – the 2nd – Meiji Strawberry Chocolate 「Meiji:チョコレート<ストロベリ>」ー


Meiji actually produces a variety of chocolate bars like this. I’ve seen some of the bars they show on their website, and I admit, I have thought about getting them, but haven’t quite yet. They have a couple of somewhat interesting ads on the site, so if you have time, check them out. The campaign(I guess you would call it that) for these is “We ♥ Pure”.

I’m not sure what was running through my head while I was choosing this. I was in   日本町(Japantown) during the さくらまつり(Cherry Blossom Festival) with my friends. We went into Nijiya, thinking it would be cool, since it was hot and crowded out on the streets. I didn’t want to spend too much time choosing some candy, and making them wait, so there wasn’t much insight on this candy when I got it.

Now, however, I do have an opinion. The plethora of fresh strawberries on the front look absolutely yummy. They look super juicy and sweet, and perfect to dip in some chocolate. I like the way that the box opens and closes, so you can barely tell it was opened(depending on your angle of observation).

The one thing that I dislike is the way the chocolate is wrapped in foil. And the reason for that is because 私はばかです. I can’t open the foil without ripping it, and causing the foil to be all wrinkly when I fold it over to protect the uneaten chocolate and stuff it back in the box. I mean, I think that besides foil, the only other way to package this would be on a tray like Dars. But the foil is good, it’s just the way they glue the edges makes it hard for idiots like me to open them. (On a positive side, it’s good for keeping the chocolate fresh).

Rating: A

I bought mines for $1.99 at Nijiya, I remember thinking it was sort of expensive at the time, but now seeing the online prices, I see it was actually a pretty good deal. Note, there are 12 pieces of chocolate, which means about $.17 per piece. Buy it at ECrater for $2.30(keep in mind there is a $3.75 shipping fee for shipping to: the US-Mainland, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada). Or buy it on Amazon for $2.49.

When I first opened the foil(successfully for once), I was a bit disappointed, because I saw that the chocolate was brown-colored, instead of the pink-strawberry I thought it would be. But then again, I already saw the picture on the back which showed a brown chocolate bar with pink filling, so I don’t know why. Probably because I read a review on a different Meiji Strawberry bar.

Anyways, the first sniff, one word popped into my mind, “Apollo“. By now, I’ve come to a decision. Japanese strawberry flavored chocolate, all taste like Apollo. Well, I can’t really say that, since I don’t know what candy came out first, but Apollo was the first strawberry chocolate I tried, so yeah. Anyways, until a nice bar of strawberry chocolate walks into my hands and doesn’t actually taste like Apollo, I’m sticking by this verdict.

Now don’t get me wrong, I liked Apollo chocolates, it was good. But honestly, I want something different, especially if it’s supposed to be different. Because (if you haven’t figured it out) this bar tastes just like Apollo.

Despite the picture on the back where the strawberry filling is so pink and luscious, the actual thing- not so much. It’s there, but it’s lightly colored. The taste was mainly milk chocolate, with only a slight “crunch” from the strawberry “seeds” from time to time. It’s not that the strawberry flavor isn’t there, it’s just not as tangy as it should be- it’s muted.

Rating: C+

The packaging of this bar is pretty good, not “pizzazy”, but not plain either. But the taste… It’s not that I don’t like this bar. It’s just a) disappointing, and b) nothing special.

Rating: B

Verdict: I can only see myself getting this if I feel like Apollo, but don’t want to pay about $4(because they only sell the tube kind where I live).

Rating Scale:
A+ = Perfect, or close to it.
(A = Great, but not “OMG”)
B = Good
(C+ = Average……the + is just being generous for this bar)
D = Bad
F = Inedible

A lot of people have other flavored Meiji chocolate bars, and those with strawberry flavored is the “Meiji Rich Strawberry Bar”. So I can’t find the exact one I want, but here’s a tiny tiny review from Amazon.


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