Strawberry Days – the 3rd – Grainy Strawberry Milk Candy 「つぶつぶいちごみるく」


[Note: For those of you who read my HK Preview Haul, I know it’s coming up to the end of May, so I should tell you. I don’t believe I will be getting my “care package” until July, not the end of May. Because my mom thought it would be too troublesome for my uncle to get it for me. So, yeah. On a last grip of chance, I heard my mom talking to my cousin and my aunt, so maybe she said yes after all. But it’s kind of unlikely, as my mom isn’t one to give surprises.]

When you hear ‘Sakuma’, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Is it…Sakuma Candy Drops? And if you think of those Drops, do you also think of the movie  “Grave of the Fireflies“? Well honestly, I didn’t, so it’s okay if you didn’t either.

The company that makes this candy is also the same one who produces Sakuma Candy Drops. These candies have been around since World War II, and are featured in the movie “Grave of the Fireflies”, which is about two orphaned children at the end of World War II in Japan. (I just finished watching it…cause I’m a loser :P).

Take a look at the company’s website(that took me a while to find) if you have the time. If you want to view their products(and can’t read Japanese), you click on the yellow drop at the top of the page. They have the products broken down into categories: Basic&Gourmet(べシック&グルメ), Healthy(ヘルシー), Sakuma Drops(缶入り), etc.

As usual, there’s a mascot, though not very cute and being on the edge of disturbing. S/he is saying “コリッ” (Koritsu) which I suppose is a sound effect, that I can’t translate.

The packaging on this is pretty colorful. When I was at Nijiya, it was between this and another stick candy(that I might get next time). What won me over? I guess the fact that it was strawberry flavored(mainly). Bu also, my last experience with strawberry and milk combo went over well, so I thought it would be good.

I love the way the pieces are individually wrapped, as the wrapper is pretty as well. I really cannot find much to say for this packaging. It’s not that I don’t like it, or it’s bad. It’s just nothing to “wow” over. But I will give it a generous B- instead of a C+.

Rating: B-

I bought this when I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival, along with the Meiji Strawberry Choco. I got it for $1.69, and the pack contains about 10 piecies(I forgot to count). So each piece is about 17 cents. If you want to try it, search your local market. Because I can’t find the exact same thing. Here’s something that might be similar to it, but I’m not entirely sure if it’ll be the same.

From looking at the candy piece, it looks very promising. With it’s light pink color and darker pink pieces of strawberry in the tiny square. I don’t know why, but candies that take a square form, like this, seem cute to me. More so than circles that is.

The outer shell is a really sweet and tangy strawberry taste. And I love it. It has a mix of artificial flavoring and real strawberry juice. So, it’s halfway to be fresh. It’s disappointing though, that although the package says つぶつぶ(grainy), there really isn’t that grainy feeling that I’m supposed to get.

Now there are two ways to take this. One, to bite it while it’s earlier, and the other to let it “melt away”(not literally, just trying to find a better way to say stick it in your mouth for a long time. If you bite it, the milk in the center is disgusting beyond belief. It’s incredibly sweet, and I believe that it’s condensed milk. Now, normally, I think condensed milk on other stuff is okay. But with this tangy strawberry, no, it’s not a good match at all. If you let it “melt away”, the milk flavor doesn’t come out as strongly, and it tastes better(only because it’s almost gone).

Rating: D+

Overall: I really like the tangy taste of the strawberry, but I hate that it’s not つぶつぶ at all and the disgusting milk flavor. 

Rating: D

Verdict: I would not buy these again, and I don’t recommend them unless you like condensed milk with everything.

Rating Scale:
A+ = Perfect, or close to it.
(B- = A generous one, but still: “Not bad, just not good.”)
C = Average
(D+ = For the most part it’s bad, but one little thing brings it up a small notch.)
(D = Bad)
F = Inedible

Not only can I not find a place to buy it, but I can’t find someone else who reviewed this candy either.


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