Strawberry Days – the 4th – Meltyblend Fruity Strawberry 「メルティーブレンド:フルーティーいちご」


Because of a recent comment I received in which addressed me, “Dear sir“, I feel the need to clear up(for those of you who don’t read my About) that I am a girl, a female. Okay, moving on to the review.

Meltyblend, or sometimes known as Meltykiss is a cube of chocolate dusted in cocoa powder with some kind of filling -in this case strawberry- on the inside. Personally, I think Meltykiss is a better name than Meltyblend, but that’s just me. What do you think? I believe these chocolates are a seasonal thing, during winter(ふゆ) is when they come out(in 日本 I guess). According to Decay On Net, Meltykiss is only sold in the winter because, “It is commonly believed that Meltykiss would, well, melt during any other season but Winter”. The box states: Store in a cool dry place at below 73 degrees F. I’ve heard of people having their candies melt by leaving them out, but I hadn’t had a problem with that. Probably because I’m “lucky” that where I live, it’s not very hot all the time. (I didn’t realize it could melt until just recently.)

The packaging made this candy seem like gourmet candies. At first, I couldn’t read the box properly, so I thought there were only 10 pieces, but there are actually 15. So thinking there was 10 pieces, and the first price I found was about $3 something, I didn’t get it. Of course, I still wanted it, so I searched everywhere for the cheapest price, and I finally got it for the best value I could get.

The strawberries on the box look absolutely fresh. And the three cubes of the Meltyblend look heavenly. It really capture my sight on the first glance. The way the box opens is absolutely adorable and unique(to me) as well. Although, the one thing I don’t like about it, is that once it’s opened there will be a crease on the cover of the box.

The individually wrappers are pink with snowflakes and the brand and name. It makes it seem like it really melts, just like snow. And it really shows that it’s a winter product. This box would be a perfect souvenir or “Christmas” present.

Rating: A+

I bought it relatively normal pricing at $2.99. Get it at napaJapan for $3.99(I can’t find this exact flavor anywhere else, but you could always try other flavors).

I was expecting a lot from this candy. Seeing as it’s cost was fairly expensive(about 20 cents per small square). I’ve only had one type(that I can remember) of chocolate that had dusted cocoa powder beforehand, it was a truffle and it was a heavenly piece of chocolate. I loved it very much(I think there’s still one bag around the house somewhere, but I’m not sure).

The actual chocolate isn’t as dusted with cocoa powder as I thought(or as the box showed), so that was a little disappointing. It smelt like strong milk chocolate with hints of strawberry. It smelt like a winner.

There is a slight bitter cocoa taste from the coating, but not as strong as I, a dark chocolate lover, would like. The milk chocolate flavor is strong. But the most amazing thing is the strawberry center, it tastes of tangy strawberries, almost fresh. Although there’s more strawberry than the chocolate coating, the milk chocolate is mostly what I taste. But, if you let the milk chocolate melt away, the strawberry really shines through.

The little square is about 1.5cmx1.5cm in size, so it gets finished very quickly. They could be gone in just three small bites, or you could just chuck the whole thing in your mouth and let it melt.

Nutritional Facts:
(In an “attempt to watch what I eat”, I’m adding this. Maybe this will last, maybe it won’t. For now, it’s a trial addition to my reviews.)
Serving Size: 10 pieces(40 grams)
Serving Per Container: 1.5
Calories Per Serving: 250
Total Fat: 19 grams
Sugars: 15 grams
Vitamin A – 2% ; Vitamin C – 6% ; Calcium – 6% ; Iron – 4%

Rating: A

This candy is almost perfect. I just wish for a stronger cocoa powder, and a bigger size.(ずいぶんちびです。)

Rating: A+

Verdict: I would love to buy this again, but probably won’t seeing as I’m poor and there are a bunch of other 日本のおかし(Japanese sweets) that I’d like to try.

Rating Scale:
(A+ = Perfect, or close to it)
(A = Spectacular! Just needs a little bit more strawberry flavor.)
B = Good
C = Average
D = Bad
F = Inedible

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6 Responses to “Strawberry Days – the 4th – Meltyblend Fruity Strawberry 「メルティーブレンド:フルーティーいちご」”

  1. That green plushie is so cute, what is it?

    I’ve never tried MeltyKiss/blend because I hate dark chocolate. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

    • :D It’s a Hannari Tofu Plush Doll. The Green one(that I have) is the Matcha version, but there’s also Yuzu, Ume, Yaki, etc.

      Really? I prefer dark chocolate over any other kind of chocolate. (:

  2. 3 amy

    nice review. i love melty kiss. i didn’t know they were just out in winter! the strawberry flavour sounds OISHI!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting! :) I love your blog!<3
      Haha, well I think it's only out during the winter in some places. It was indeed oishii! :D

  3. Indeed these chocolates are so yummy. I only had them in winter, but I bought them in SoCal, which I don’t think is particularly cold in winter haha! The box is so lovely, I agree! They did a good job designing it.

    I saw these (different flavors however) in Donki while I in Tokyo this month, but I didn’t see them in the regular super markets.

    • Ohh, well it’s not really winter yet, so xP
      Haha, did you have a nice flight back home? I love your blog and all the pictures you took of your trip! :]

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