Strawberry Days – the 5th – Tirol: Lots of Strawberry「チロル:いちごがいっぱい」


Sorry for not updating sooner! But I caught a cold, so I thought I’d hold it off, just in case it affected my taste buds for this review! Anyways, and so ends the Strawberry Days series! Hope you enjoyed it! Maybe, I’ll try this – or something like it – again someday!

I first learned of Tirol(チロル) from Tasty Japan. Before that, I had never heard nor seen such a chocolate before. After reading one of her reviews on them, I wanted to find some for myself. But I never thought I would find them where I live. However, I did, much to my surprise and delight. Though, I still don’t have much of a variety on them, it’s still better than nothing.

On their website you can see the millions of チロル or download some adorable desktop wallpapers or watch some CMs(if you can open them…which sadly, I can’t). [Note: The site is in Japanese]

The first チロル I encountered was in fact, not this, but one that had four different flavors(2 each) and it was hanging on the side of the wall. If I remember correctly they were, White&Cookie Crunch, Milk, BIS and Almond. I was hesitant to buy them since 1) they were pretty expensive, about $3 for 8 little tiny squares and 2) because I dislike Almonds(which is why you won’t find anything Almond, nor Banana flavored on this blog). I decided against buying it at that time, but kept it logged in my brain. Further down the aisle, my friend spotted more チロル. These were in packs though, such as the one I’m reviewing. There was this one, one that was only White&Cookie Crunch and one(I think) was Kinako.

I like the how they show the texture of the three チロル squares. The bowl is half and half. On one hand, I like how the チロルs are placed in a bowl alongside some strawberries, etc. (For some odd reason, candies put in bowls strikes well with me) But on the other hand, it’s a bit…strange. As, 1) the チロル as obviously digitally photoshopped in and 2) I have no idea what that white stuff(I suppose it’s condensed milk) is.

As for the individual wrappers. They’re pretty cute, but not really that special. The one I like the most though, is the いちごゼリー one, the dark red color is really pretty.

Rating: A-

Here it is on eBay for (an unreasonably high price) $3.99[and the shipping fee is about $3.70]. Only three are available and it’s sold until Jun16th,2010. If you’re unwilling to pay such a high price you can try napaJapan for other flavors(usually 4 pieces, if not in a pack).


Ichigo&Cookie Crunch 「いちごとクッキークランチ」
The chocolate has a light pink coating, and the inside is full of cookie (which I presume is Oreo) bits. [クッキーがいっぱい] The cookie bits is so plentiful, that the strawberry coat can barely be tasted at times. I like cookie bits, but this is a bit much. As, I believe, the bits should enhance the flavor, not overpower it. I really wish the cookie to strawberry chocolate ratio was lower.

Rating: 2/5

つぶつぶ練乳いちご [Grainy Condensed Milk Strawberry]
This chocolate piece didn’t cut very well as the middle is condensed milk, and it kind of starting melting(maybe, or maybe you can’t tell from the picture). Anyways, so I froze this piece for a bit. This chocolate gave off a strong, milky strawberry smell, similar to that of Apollo (yikes!) Unlike last time’s つぶつぶチョコ苺 candy, the condensed milk worked well with this piece(sort of). The strawberry is tangy and the milk is creamy.  Very milky(and a little too sweet), but it’s okay.

Rating: 4/5

濃厚いちごゼリー [Concentrated Strawberry Jelly]
This piece, on the otherhand, cut through very well. You should be able to tell from the picture that there is an actual jelly piece inside of this chocolate. The chocolate has the same sweet, strawberry taste as the other two. But this one is more flavorful, because of the chocolate to jelly ratio. For me, the jelly adds texture to the chocolate, but that’s about it. It doesn’t really have a taste. It’s a little bit sweet, but it doesn’t do much to the flavor of this chocolate. Still, this is my favorite piece since I get to taste the tangy chocolate and the jelly is not bad either.

Rating: 5/5

Nutritional Facts:
Serving Size: 30g [9 pieces]
Serving Per Container: 2
Calories per Serving: 150
Total Fat: 9g
Sugars: 16g

Overall Rating: A

Overall Thoughts:
The chocolates are pretty good, but none of them really ‘wow’ me that much. Still, it’s good for what the quantity is, if there were more, I’d be sick of the first two.

Verdict: I may consider buying this again, but it isn’t that likely.

Don't leave it out in the sun!

Rating Scale:
A+ = Perfect, or close to it.

(A = Great, but not wow-y enough.)
(A- = It has it’s good points, but it’s got some bad points to match.
B = Good
C = Average
D = Bad
F = Inedible

Read Snack Love or Pocky Watch’s review on this candy.


One Response to “Strawberry Days – the 5th – Tirol: Lots of Strawberry「チロル:いちごがいっぱい」”

  1. 1 Kelly

    Yeah, I saw this one but didn’t bother buying it as I’m not a huge fan of strawberry though I did just review the strawberry daifuku hi-chew on my blog! haha.

    I don’t think it’s the brand per se, I think it’s the flavours. There might be some flavours you actually like and some you don’t. :) For me so far, the persimmon, chestnut and hokkaido cheese tirol’s have been my favourite.

    Considering these cost about 20 cents each in Japan, it gets pretty expensive when you start buying it from overseas!

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