Review #35: Dessert Pocky: Chocolat Fromage 「デザートポッキー:ショコラフロマージュ」


If I didn’t read Pocky Watch’s blog, I wouldn’t have found out about this ポッキー. And because I had seen their review, I chose this ポッキー over the other デザートポッキー: Double Chocolate. I’m certain that if I hadn’t seen this ポッキー online, I would’ve chosen the Double Chocolate one, because it’s a flavor that I’m more familiar with.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, if you don’t already know, what is ‘Fromage’? Well, according to Wikipedia, it’s a type of cheese. This type of cheese is typically used in desserts.

Glancing at the ingredients for any “special” ingredients, I spotted “Mascarpone Cheese”. Mascarpone cheese is “an Italian triple-cream cheese made from crème fraîche, denatured with tartaric acid. Sometimes buttermilk is added as well, depending on the brand.” Also, one of the most important thing about Mascarpone cheese(to me at least) is that it is a key ingredient of Tiramisu.

The packaging of this Dessert ポッキー is simply exquisite. The colors work well together. And the 12 dessert sticks look absolutely delish. They seem extremely fancy and to-die-for. There’s some blob of cheese and some chocolate bar pieces on the side, all coming together to make the ポッキー look extremely wonderful.

It looks amazing, and really yummy looking. It definitely beats the Double Chocolate one in packaging by a pretty long shot. I had high expectations for this, just as I did for the MeltyBlend, simply because of the packaging.

Rating: A+

I was unwilling to tear it along the perforated lines and ruin the lovely image on the box.

I bought it at the market near 日本町 after comparing the price with the price at Nijiya, it cost $2.78. Get it at Asian Food Grocer for $2.98. Buy it for $2.99 at Very Asia or get 10 boxes for $29.50(temporarily out of stock). Or get it at Fast Food Anime for $3.96(in stock).

The actual ポッキー stick is nothing like I imagined, according to the picture on the box. The swirls of chocolate cover the stick deeply, so the white coating, as shown from the box, is hard to see. The smell of it is indeed chocolate, with a hint of either cottage or cream cheese(I don’t know my cheese well enough to distinguish which it is). The smell is pretty powerful and it’s not a mouth-watering smell, but it certainly leaves an impression behind.

The first bite was actually kind of disappointing though, because it wasn’t amazing. I think the pretzel is softer than usual, and it’s bulkier for sure. That part is nice(the softness). The chocolate is also pretty good, but nothing special. It tastes just like regular milk chocolate. The cheese adds a bit of kick to it as well. Though I can’t say this ポッキー is bad, I can’t say it’s entirely good either. The ポッキー is crumbly, but I guess that’s due to the cheese factor. I think the crumbliness works well and it makes it tastier.

With it being “dessert” ポッキー, I guess I just expected more out of it, so I was disappointed. Since it did adorn the fancy packaging and cost more than usual. The texture is great, but the taste just isn’t “wow” enough.

Nutritional Facts:
Net Weight: 2.43oz (69g)
Serving Size: 0.6oz (18g)

Servings: 4 [12 sticks – 4 packs of 3]
Calories: 100
Total Fat: 5g
Sugars: 4g
Calcium: 2%

Rating: B+

This ポッキー is not bad, it’s just not good in terms of what I expected from it.

Overall Rating: A-

I will finish this box happily, but without any intention to savor it. I wouldn’t buy this again for it’s high price, but I would recommend it, especially to fancy cheese lovers.

Rating Scale:
(A+ = Perfect, or close to it.)
(A- = Mostly amazing, but it just didn’t wow me enough.)
(B+ = Borderline between good and great.)
B = Good.
C = Average
D = Bad
F = Inedible

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2 Responses to “Review #35: Dessert Pocky: Chocolat Fromage 「デザートポッキー:ショコラフロマージュ」”

  1. 1 Hanie

    Yums! I wanna try it!

    • You should if you can :D!
      Thanks for the read&comment!~

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