Haul #5 and Review #37


Warning: This is probably going to be [one of] the worst review ever written by me(because it’s short and lacking in info). Thank you, have a good day.

As you may infer, this haul is quite………”close” to the previous haul. Well, that is definitely true. This was a half-unexpected trip. Half because, when I was there 5 days ago, I didn’t think I would come back to 日本町 until at least August(since I would be busy with my volunteering job and all). But the other half, I knew I would be going back today, not a spontaneous thing. I was heading back because there was something I had to return to Ichiban’kan. I won’t state more, because it’s an embarrassing story for myself, and I’d like to save myself at least that much(since I’ll tell you something else that happened today).

So today, at Nijiya, I got a small haul- two items. Not hard to calculate the cost -$5.38- is it? Well, apparently for me. I had clearly written down $5.38 on my little notepad(because I knew what I was going to buy from the last trip), yet I managed to embarrass myself by giving the wrong change. Firstly, giving only $5.08, before I was informed that I was short of cash. Then putting down a quarter, thinking it would be enough…only to realize I was 5 cents short. Now, the cashier’s attitude was pretty kind…but I was totally embarrassed. Sigh, okay that’s enough revealing of my stupidity today.

This snack is also a leftover from my Japanese class party. We all split off into groups and bought some things, and I wasn’t part of the “dessert” group so there’s not a lot of info on this snack.

Packaging: N/A
(I believe there were two flavors in the bag….this one: Peach and another one…I believe it was Chestnut…)

Momokuri Sannen Oishi-Yo! (桃くり三年おいしよ) means something along the lines of: Peach Candy Three Years [of] Delicious[ness], you know. Of course, I’m not really sure.

Rating: N/A

Cost: N/A
I know it was boughten at Nijiya, because my friends told me. I also saw it on the last trip, (and I remembered last night to check the price when I went to Nijiya, but promptly forgot as soon as I woke up this morning…FAIL) but forgot to take note of the price. (Sorry!)

The smell is a bit sweet, and I guess you could call it “peach” from the smell of it. By looking at the texture, I’m to believe this snack is like a mini roll cake, but who knows.

The “cake” is pretty sweet. The yellow floury part is similar to that of roll cakes. But the filling of it is kind of a….candied fruit I’d say. Or in this case, the spreadable form of a candied fruit. It’s definitely new (and tasty) experience for me.

Nutritional Facts: N/A

Rating: A+

Verdict: I’ve already finished off the whole thing before I even got to rating it…it’s a quickie bite snack, but it was pretty yummy, not overly sweet, but still sweet. If looking for a quickie bite, I might confer to this, but I’m not sure I’d want to buy a whole bag(at a price I’m not sure of) and also if there really is a chestnut flavor along with it, I’m not sure if it’s good. I do recommend these though, at least the peach flavored one.

Rating Scale:
(A+ = Perfect, or close to it.)
B = Good
C = Average
D = Bad
F = Inedible

Here’s a “review”, but it’s in Japanese, so…yeah…I can’t really read it either.


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