Review #36: Calpis Honey Apple and Original 「カルピス はちみつりんごとオリジナル」


Candy Park sounds like a dream place for little kids, who love sugar that is. Apparently to Kanro, it’s a place where a woman, who has a flower growing out of the top of her head, hands out candies to all the little kids (and even dogs!) that she meets. Well actually, since I can’t read kanji, it’s hard to understand. But maybe you’ll get it, and you can leave a comment below and tell me something interesting about that woman.

Anyways, we all should know about Calpis, or Calpico in the United States. If you don’t let’s flashback. N ow, if you have never heard of Calpis(カルピス) or Calpico before I’m sure you would have either just laughed or made a disgusted face at pronouncing the former word. Yes Calpis sounds like something…not so pretty, dealing with cows.

There are two explanations for this odd name. One is that the creators combined “cal” from calcium and “pis” from sarpis, which is butter flavor. Or so Wikipedia says. Another resource, states that カルピス is short for からだにピース (karada ni piisu), which means “peace to your body”.

Today, we have a first ever 2 in 1 post. I put them together since I figure, they’re the same brand, just different flavors. Therefore the format of this post is different, and possibly a bit longer than usual, so please bear with it if you’d like.

Honey Apple 「はちみつりんご」

I actually bought the original flavor first, but I’m reviewing this flavor first. Fairness…or playing favorites? Whatever you want to assume. But, of course, when I first bought the original, I was torn between these two flavors.  I still ended up getting original, just to be safe.

When I went back a second time, I knew I had to get this one. The colors are warm, perfect picture of “honey” and “apple”. I love the tiny bee for this pack, and the different quote that is on every(though I only know of four) pack of Calpis Soft Candy. This time, it’s “This soft candy makes you happy.” Now how on earth can you pass up a candy that makes you happy?

Rating: A+

I had already eaten a few of these before Tasty Japan’s Kelly reviewed the grape flavor for this candy. She mentioned in her blog, and I quote “They also had another flavour which was apple & honey, but I thought it seemed too much like something you would have when you’re sick with the flu.” I hadn’t thought about that neither when I was buying nor chewing it. But after I saw that line, I had the same feeling. Apple and honey, or at least mainly honey, seems like something you’d give to a sick person and make them feel better.

Nevertheless, here I am to tell you what I thought of this “flu candy”. The candy has a strong honey smell, with a faint hint of apple, but it’s mainly honey that I smell. The candy is an orangey yellow color surrounding a rectangular white spot in the middle. This カルピス candy reminds me of ハイチュウ(Hi-Chew), but not quite as this is more squarish than the rectangular ハイチュウ pieces. The taste of the candy is an apple flavor at first, and the honey taste trails along in the background after a bit. If you’re like me, you don’t spend your time letting the piece melt in your mouth, and instead chew it. It’s pretty sweet, but not overly so.

Nutritional Facts:
Net WT: 1.83oz (52g)
Serving Size: 52g
Servings: 1 (10 pieces)
Calories: 217
Total Fat: 5g
Sugars: 44g

Rating: A

I love the design on this pack the most out of the three flavors that were on the shelf(Original, Apple Honey and Grape). The taste is also pretty good.

Overall Rating: A

I don’t have much intention to save these, because they aren’t that good. However, if I’m ever in the mood for some カルピスソフトキャンディー, this pack would definitely be decided on. I recommend these to anyone, whether they have the flu or not.

Original 「オリジナル」

This pack doesn’t have a small bee, but it has a soda cup next to the English logo, not that it really matters. The pack’s colors work well together, and I think it’s a good match for an “original” flavor. Again, like with the last pack, there’s the polka dots. I know what they’re supposed to mean, but I was too lazy to say it in the last pack, as I had already said it in a previous post of a Calpis Drink. To sum it up, it’s based on the “Milky Way” and the 七夕 (Tanabata Star Festival).

The quote on this pack is about the same as the last one, only with a slight variation. This one says ‘”Calpis” soft candy makes you happy.’ I think that quote has more emphasis with the last pack, at least with me. The reason being, there’s a cute little bee that just reminds me of happiness. So it just has more impact than this one.

Rating: A

The taste is just like the drink itself, the original flavor that is. It’s sweet and juicy. And, oh my god, I just love it. It’s like the candy form of the drink. It’s sweet and absolutely yum. It’s got a bit of a tangy kick that just makes it more awesome. The texture is the same, chewy, but not the stick to your teeth forever kind. Indeed it is a “soft candy”.  I prefer this one over the はちみつりんご one, and I wish I had more of it.

Although I can’t say that this is my favorite. I had one piece of the grape flavor before. I remember I was thinking that it wasn’t bad for a grape candy(which usually ends up tasting like grape medicine). I also had Green Apple before. But that was ages ago. Well, more like 2 years ago. I bought it at the airport while I was waiting for my flight back home from 日本. It was absolutely amazing, even though I only spent one week in Japan. It was the reason that I’m so hooked on Japanese culture and stuff, and why I have the dream of moving to 日本 one day. Of course, I had liked animes and stuff beforehand, but I never was in love with the culture until the vacation.

Anyways, I don’t really remember how the Green Apple one tasted. I think the texture was the same, and it was pretty yummy as well. (Unfortunately, it wasn’t on the shelf at Nijiya, and hasn’t been since.

Nutritional Facts:
Net WT: 1.83oz(52g)
Serving Size: 52g
Servings: 1 (10 pieces)
Calories: 218
Total Fat: 4g
Sugars: 45g

Rating: A+

The packaging isn’t as good for this one as it is for the はちみつりんご one, but the taste is waaay better. The taste is tangy and sweet just like the real drink. It’s the candy form of the awesome drink!

Overall Rating: A+

I’m sad to finish it, as I only have one piece left, but it’s starting to melt, so I must finish it. I would definitely buy this again if I could. (see below) And I definitely, definitely recommend this!

I bought the はちみつりんご one for $1.69, and I’ve lost the receipt for the original one, but I’m fairly certain that it’s for the same price. I can’t find the はちみつりんご flavor online. But I’ve found two places with the original flavor. Get it at jBox for $1.60 or eFoodDepot for $1.89.

Yes, I keep my wrappers(; and Yes, this is empty. And in case you're wondering what it says, '"Calpis" soft candy will be always enjoyed by you.'

Rating Scale:
(A+ = Perfect, or close to it.)
(A = Great, but needs a bit more to be totally awesome.)
B = Good
C = Average
D = Bad
F = Inedible

Read Snack Love’s review on the Original Calpis Soft Candy.

*Note : I have finally decided on a format for the Verdict portion. I’d just like to point out, when I say “I would buy this again…” or something, it’s just a thought. I’m saying “I would”, but most likely, I end up not buying snacks over again. Not because I dislike them, but just because there are too many other snacks to try, and I don’t have the money to spend on buying already tasted snacks. Only if they are super amazing(and cheap), would I ever buy them again.*


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