Review #38: Happy Turn 「ハッピーターン」


Here’s yet another first, my first ever senbei post! It’s not that I haven’t seen senbei around, nor is it that I dislike senbei. The thing is, that it’s hard to choose one. The reason being, I can’t read kanji. Of course, there’s an English tag on the back, but I’d like to know what it’s called, for more reasons that one. Firstly, so that I can put an appropriate name on the title for the review. And also for searching it up on the internet, looking for prices and other reviews.

That’s why I’ve had a hard time finding a good (readable) senbei to review. Which is why I’m glad I found this senbei by Kameda Seika who names it in katakana. I had also seen this snack on the shelf, conveniently written hiragana. The reason I chose ハッピーターン over that snack was simply because, Who can resist a snack that has the word ‘happy’ in its name? Okay, and also because I wasn’t really sure what that こつぷっこ was(apple popcorn? it looks like). Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get it next time though.

The packaging of this senbei is pretty cute. Although I have to say, I was mainly drawn to it because I had already seen it before on a review from Japanese Snack Review. Still, it is pretty cute, with it’s mascot:  ターン王子 (Prince of Turn).

To be honest, before I read that the mascot was a “王子”, I thought it was a girl. Haha, sorry about that 王子様. I can only barely read the text, so I’ll just say it goes something like this: ”パウだーキャッチ…でとまらないおいしさ!!” “Powder catch… Nonstop taste!!” If someone would like to translate the kanji words, I’d be more than grateful.

Rating: A

Cost: I bought this for $1.50 at the out of city Daiso(I didn’t do a haul for that day because I only bought 3 things). The only place online I found it was on eBay for $5.99, the packaging is different, but I’m 60% certain it’s the same taste. (sorry!) All I can suggest is trying to find it where you live yourself.

As soon as I got the package opened, I could a sweet saltiness. It’s hard to describe, but I know of this smell. I’ve smelt it before with another rice cracker that I’ve been eating since I was a kid. Though it’s not Japanese, so it may not show up on this blog. The smell of that rice cracker and this ハッピーターン is exactly the same. I figured this senbei would taste the same as that rice cracker, so I was looking forward to it, as I love that rice cracker.

The bag has about 3/4 of senbei and 1/4 air, which is pretty good. Usually the air ends up being half the bag for packaged “chips” and stuff. The chips are all pretty well powdered. The powder is sweet while the cracker is salty, giving that sweet and salty taste.

The actual senbei doesn’t really taste like anything except a simple rice cracker. I guess that’s a given since this ハッピーターン isn’t flavored shrimp or anything. After eating only one, my mouth gets somewhat dry, so I suggest having a drink on hand while eating these(I washed it down with coke). These are good, and a little bit addicting. The taste is very similar to the other rice cracker, so I think I would just stick to buying that one if I feel the need for some of this snack, because it’s cheaper and more convenient to buy.

Nutritional Facts:
Net WT: 2.99oz (85g)
Serving Size: 30g
Servings: 3 (maybe 25ish pieces)
Calories: 160
Total Fat:  8g
Sugars: 2g

Rating: A

This is a pretty good snack, and a good one for a first senbei review. It’s a little plain, but of course, that’s my own fault for choosing a plain one.

Overall Rating: A

I will happily munch through the rest of these, and try to control myself so I don’t get fat eating too many in one sitting. I probably won’t buy this again, only because it’s similar to the other rice cracker and that one is cheaper and more convenient to buy. But I do recommend this senbei to anyone and everyone.

Rating Scale:
A+ = Perfect, or close to it.
(A = Great, but not incredible.)
B = Good
C = Average
D = Bad
F = Inedible

Read Japanese Snack Reviews’ thoughts on Happy Turn (200% Happy Powder) here.


4 Responses to “Review #38: Happy Turn 「ハッピーターン」”

  1. I would like to try! :9

    • Haha, maybe you’ll find it somewhere you live. Thanks for the comment and read! :]

  2. 3 Orchid64

    Love these things! I can understand why they’re so popular in Japan. That sour vinegar tastes is just about right to make you get a bit of bite without forcing you to pucker up too much!

    • Really, vinegar? Maybe that’s a different flavor of this snack. I thought this one was salty&sweet, but no notes of sourness. =] Thanks for the comment!

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