Review #39: Sweets Gum : Blueberry Cheesecake 「スイーツガム : ブルーベルーチーズケーキ」


It is gum, but it is also a sweet. […I think]

I love the way they say “sweets” in the CM, it’s kind of funny. Maybe only because I’m a foreigner and I speak English. And the dude’s expression after he eats the gum is super weird. But I got a laugh out of it, hopefully you did as well. Notice Mizukawa’s (水川さんの) awkward laugh when he tries flirting with her, saying “君もスウィーツ” (you are also sweet[s])

Note that in the CM, they only show the strawberry vanilla and double caramel. On the website, they show the strawberry vanilla(ストロベリーバニラ), mango pudding(マンゴープリン), and peach yogurt(桃のヨーグルト). When I saw it on the shelf at Nijiya, I noticed the blueberry cheesecake, as well as the strawberry vanilla. I believe there was a third flavor, and I will take a guess that it was double caramel, but I’m not entirely sure.

With it’s alluring dark purple color, accentuating the blueberriness, this gum called out to me. The color scheme is perfect, and the picture of the cheesecake is absolutely Ah-May-Zing! (imagine a ‘hallelujah’ chorus as that previous word was said) I was tempted to get Strawberry Vanilla at first, because I spotted it first. But then, I saw this Blueberry Cheesecake flavor and I was torn between the two. The outcome, you know, but the way to the outcome is a mystery to you folk. Well, it’s times like these that being able to read Japanese(at least katakana) is extremely helpful.

So as I held one in each hand, I looked at it more closely. The purple one had said, “ブルーベリーチーズケーキガム” and with my amazing ability to read katakana, I was able to infer that this gum was “blueberry cheesecake” flavored. That added a plus to getting this flavor, as I absolutely love cheesecake. It’s one of my favorites, along with Tiramisu.

Then, I read the pink one, “ストロベリーバニラ”. It was at the moment that the words “バニラ”(vanilla) came out, I had made my decision. Blueberry cheesecake it was. If it were strawberry cheesecake, I probably would’ve still been slightly torn. And if it were just strawberry, I probably would’ve stayed at least another 3 seconds staring at that pack before I put it down. But no, it had to be strawberry vanilla and thus, this review was born. If I were not able to read katakana, most likely, this review would’ve been “strawberry vanilla”.

Rating: A+

As I said, I bought it for cheaper at the market for $1.98. I can only find this gum on eBay for $2.99, so you’ll most likely have to just try and find it yourself.

As soon as the wrapper was taken off, I could smell the sweet blueberry scent. It’s extremely strong. What it reminds me of is Yoplait Yogurt Bluberry Patch. Honestly, I don’t like blueberries, at least not the fruit. I’m okay with blueberry flavored, but it’s not at the top of my favorite flavors.

The gum is a bit hard to bite into at first. But in that first bite, releases sweet tangy blueberry flavor along with the sweet notes of cheesecake. Although they say the middle white part is soft candy, it just blends into the gum, so it’s not really the kind of soft candy you may(like I did) think it is. After the first few initial chews, the gum gets softer, making it easier to chew.

Though after a while, the cheesecake flavor disappears, leaving only a less flavorful blueberry taste. And after only about 2 minutes, the flavors disappear, leaving behind only the chewing of a flavorless gum.

The beginning flavors are so wonderful, words cannot describe how amazing it tastes. But it’s such a shame that the flavors disappear so quickly, leaving behind a bland purple gum to chew. Personally, I don’t really mind the chewing part, but I like my gum to be flavorful, at least for more than 2 minutes. I was kind of anticipating this as I saw the post on Japanese Snack Review, but I had to give it a try anyways.

Nutritional Facts:
There’s no English translation of the nutritional facts, but due to Japanese Snack Review’s handy label reading post, I was able to decode the information given. Still, the information you are about to receive is different from what I would usually produce.
Servings: 7 pieces
Calories (エネルギー): 51
Proteins (たんぱく質): 0.3g
Fats (脂肪): 0.7g
Carbohydrates (炭水化物): 14.9g
Sodium (ナトリウム): 0mg
Sugars/Sucrose(ショ糖): 0g

Rating: C-

The packaging is wonderful, and the initial flavor is outstanding. This would’ve earned an all around Perfect A+, and I really would like to award it that. It justs sucks because Meiji was unable to make that outstanding flavor last longer that 2 minutes. And as a gum, the amount of time the flavor lasts is an important factor.

Overall Rating: C

I will enjoy the first two minutes of each piece, but sadly it won’t be a long lasting gum. If I’m ever in the mood for that burst of flavor, I would think about getting it again, but if I were actually looking for a gum to chew, I wouldn’t think twice about getting this. I recommend this to those who want some jaw exercise, and those who really just want to try the flavor(like I did), but I don’t recommend giving these a try if you’re an advent liker of long lasting gum.

Rating Scale:
(A+ = Perfect, or close to it.)
B = Good
(C = “Average”, only because the lovely packaging bumps it up.)
(C- = Wonderful flavor, but it doesn’t last.)
D = Bad
F = Inedible (…well, you shouldn’t swallow gum anyways!) 

Read The Japanese Snack Food Review’s post on Double Caramel Sweets Gum here.


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