Review #40: Hi-Chew Red Apple 「ハイチュウ真っ赤なリンゴ」


When I picked up this pack of ハイチュウ, I didn’t really know what flavor it was. Nijiya, at that time, seemed to restock their ハイチュウ supply every couple of weeks, so I just grabbed it. Which is why, I became disappointed, seeing the same flavored ハイチュウ at Ichiban’kan for a cheaper price just moments later. And food products are non-returnable.

That’s why, I held high expectations for this candy, I thought to myself, “If I had [accidentally] spent more money for this ハイチュウ, it better be worth it.”

I was drawn to this merely because the it’s a ハイチュウ. Seeing the board and the arrow thing, (especially since I couldn’t read it..and still can’t)  I thought this ハイチュウ would be a weird, unique Japanese flavor. It was [either] only after I saw the receipt [or this candy at Ichiban’kan with a name plate] that I realized the flavor was red apple, not something incredibly exotic.

I’m not saying the packaging is bad, but I find it somewhat misleading, especially to people who aren’t able to read Japanese. The only way someone could tell this ハイチュウ was red apple flavored, would be for the candy to have a name plate along with it on the shelf.

Although, at this moment, I can kind of see the red apples in the background, it’s hard to tell at first glance. I think it’s a pretty okay packaging for attracting attention(or perhaps it’s just the name itself), but as for showing what the product is, it kind of fails.

Rating: C+

I bought this ハイチュウ for $1.49 at Nijiya (while they had it for $1.19 at Ichiban’kan *anger*). Get it at Asian Food Grocer for $1.48 or buy it in bulk (12 packs) for $23.99 at PierMall.

The color of this ハイチュウ is a dark pink, not quite red. Unlike most Hi-Chew’s, this piece is mainly one color, as far as I can tell, while the usual have an outer coating and a middle. To me, just by looking at the piece, I would guess that it was either cotton candy, bubble gum or cherry flavored, not red apple. The smell, on the otherhand, is [definitely] red apple.

The texture is like most Hi-Chew’s, similar to that of Starbursts, it’s a bouncy, soft, chewy, candy. The taste is definitely apple to my taste buds. I guess it would be red apple, though I’m not really an expert on apples. I know for sure that it isn’t the green or yellow apple flavoring, as it’s neither soft nor incredibly sweet.

To me, this flavor is pretty good. But as I paid extra for it, it didn’t live up to its expectation. So, the rating below is going to be slightly biased. If the paying extra had nothing to do with it, I would’ve definitely given it a higher rating.

Nutritional Facts:
(I’m not sure about the first two, since they’re written in Japanese)
Serving Size: 55g
Calories: 225
Proteins: 0.9g
Fats: 4.2g
Carbohydrates: 45.5g
Sodium: 0mg

Rating: B+

Differences Between American and Japanese Hi-Chew:
The difference between American and Japanese Hi-Chews should be mostly obvious. For one thing, Japanese Hi-Chews are longer in packaging, for the most part, though there are some exceptions. The logo and words will obviously be different as one is written in Japanese while the other is in English.

In terms of the inside, the packaging of the Japanese Hi-Chews are foil paper while American Hi-Chews are wrapped in wax paper. For me, I prefer the Japanese Hi-Chews (as I’m obviously being biased). The flavors are more interesting, the packaging [most of the time] more unique and eye-catching and overall, it’s just better because it’s Japanese.

In terms of taste, the American ハイチュウ (or at least this one) is harder in texture and more waxy than the Japanese ハイチュウ. Both have good flavors and are the chewy, tasty ハイチュウ that we [all] know and love.

[By the way, it was pure coincidence that the American Hi-Chew I got was Green Apple (to this Red Apple). It was completely unplanned. But I’d like to say that the green apple is pretty good. In taste, I would give it a rating of “A”.]

The packaging of this candy is fairly good, but it’s misleading and not really doing its full job(that is, providing information on what it is and attracting attention). The taste is pretty good, but I gave it a biased rating because I was “charged” extra for it.

Overall Rating: B

I will happily chew through the rest of these, but not entirely savoring them. If I had to pick a pack of  ハイチュウ to get, I would consider this, but it wouldn’t be at the very top of my list. I do recommend these, however, to…well, to everyone.

Rating Scale:
A+ = Perfect, or close to it.
(B+ = Good, but it’s biased since I paid more for it and it didn’t meet its expectations.)
(B = Good.)
(C+ = Average, because it doesn’t get its entire job done right.)
D = Bad
F = Inedible

I can’t find another review, so you can only go on mine and your own judgement.


2 Responses to “Review #40: Hi-Chew Red Apple 「ハイチュウ真っ赤なリンゴ」”

  1. 1 Hanie

    Nice! Have you tried Hi-chew Ame Ringo? It’s nice!

    • OMG!
      I saw that in the store ONCE and I didn’t get it at the time…*stupid me*
      and when I went back to get it, it was already gone from the store. =(
      I totally wanted to try it though!
      I asked my cousin if she could find it for me, so I might get it, but I really want to try it!

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