Holiday Special : Happy Fourth of July!


This is a new portion of my blog. Holiday Specials will be for American holidays. And only that. So White Day, is a Japanese holiday (obviously) and things like Mother’s Day are celebrated in both. (Okay, I know I missed several holidays, but that was because I didn’t come up with this idea until now.)  For a list of the holidays, click here or at the “Calendar” link in the sidebar of my blog.

So for these American holidays, I will review American sweets and snacks. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Today, we have Trident Layers: Green Apple+Golden Pineapple. But you already knew that, didn’t you. I love the picture of the apple and pineapple. It’s just really awesome. I think it would be especially cool just because they were able to get a shot like that. (I’m a photo taking addict, check out my tumblr. [haha, sorry for the ad]) I know, you might say “It’s digital”, but I don’t really care that much (mainly because I can’t tell). I’d like to keep believing that it’s a real shot and not digital and they actually worked hard to get that pineapple slice in between the apple, despite it [most likely] slipping all the time. So please don’t tell me it’s digital in the comments below (if you comment, which I hope you do).

I was surprised to see the way the box opened up. With it’s two layers, I guess you’d say. It really is cool and I’ve never seen anything like it before in my life, especially not for gum. It was surprisingly cool, but I don’t really see what the purpose behind it is. Does it protect the gum better? Or is it just for show? When I first opened it and saw it, I thought “Oooh! There’s more gum [than 14]” but there really is only fourteen pieces. Because they are fat chunks of gum, not the skinny kind I’m used to, so I thought two were stacked on top of each other and there was more gum. Sadly, there wasn’t.

But it’s not all glam in this gum. I have a problem with the wrapper. The wrapper is foil and for some strange reason, the manufacturers thought to make the bottom super sticky. And therefore, it gets stuck to the bottom of the box, making it hard to pull out the piece of gum, and most of the time, tearing the bottom part of the wrapper. It’s not really that big of a problem. But still.

Rating: A

I have no idea how much this costs, my mom bought it in bulk at Costco. You can buy a single pack at Walgreens(In store and Online) for $1.49 or try it in a 12-pack for $15.99.

When my mom first brought this home, I was curious but cautious. I had heard a few weeks ago from my friend that Trident Layers was good, but that was the strawberry flavor she was pointing at. This, is green apple and golden pineapple. I was thinking to myself, how will that work out, when green apple is supposed to be considered sour and pineapple is sweet. I guess sour and sweet isn’t too weird of a combo, but that’s really what I was thinking at the time.

The gum, despite the picture of apple-pineapple-apple, is light green-dark green-light green(which I assume would represent pineapple-green apple-pineapple). The two “pineapple” parts are like regular Trident gum sticks and the middle is some kind of sticky goo that always gets stuck to the wrapper(even other people’s from what I can tell).

The taste is a sour, tangy mixture of fruit. Some people have said they tasted the apple more strongly and some say the pineapple is stronger. For me, I think I fall in the apple category. I taste more apple than pineapple, and that’s how it should be. The gum is a tangy sour, followed by some small burst of sweetness from time to time. The flavor lasts for a real long time, way more than the Sweets Gum. And bubbles are totally blowable, though not very big or long lasting ones.

Nutritional Facts:
I got these Nutritional Facts off of LIVESTRONG.COM, so I can’t be entirely sure it’s the same as the one on the box.
Serving Size: 1 stick (2.5g)
Calories: 0
Total Fat: 0g
Total Carbohydrates: 2g
Sugars: 0g
Proteins: 0g

Rating: A

The packaging is cool, and the gum in flavor is great, but I wouldn’t say this gum is perfect. Mainly because I don’t like gum very much in the first place, and also because since it’s layers, I assumed there would be two flavors, but it really only tastes like one.

Overall Rating: A

I will check my way through the rest of the packs(probably not very happily). I wouldn’t buy this gum again in bulk, but if I were considering to buy a single pack of gum(though I doubt I will), I might choose this. I do recommend it to those who like long lasting fruit flavored gums.

A+ = Perfect, or close to it
(A = Awesome, but needs a bit more)
B = Good
C = Average
D = Bad
F = Inedible (Though you shouldn’t swallow it in the first place!)

Read The Impulsive Buy’s, Gigi-Review’s, Snack Love’s, or Gum Alert’s reviews on this gum, each with different opinions and impressions. Showing, really, how every person’s taste buds are different.

My favorite Ad on the Trident website is the one that says “The first Gumwich”. When you’re on the website, go to ‘A Little Piece of Happy‘ and I recommend you watch : All Tangled Up and Goat Romance, they will definitely put a smile on your face.


2 Responses to “Holiday Special : Happy Fourth of July!”

  1. 1 prettyprettyyumyum

    cute idea about the holiday candy :)
    happy july 4th :)
    Green apple & pineapple are yummy flavours. In australia they brought out a Mentos in green and gold (australian sport colours) for the world cup – the green mentos were apple and the gold (yellow) mentos were pineapple.

    • LOL, Thanks(:
      I would say “you two” but July 4th is over. Haha, but hope you had a good one!
      Really? That sounds yummy. Haha, I think they are pretty good flavors, I just wasn’t sure about them together at the time.
      Thanks for the read and comment! ;D

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