Review #43: Apollo Vanilla Pudding 「アポロバニラぷディング」


Before, I was thinking, “WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY REVIEWS ALREADY SCHEDULED?!” and it was filling up my Posts page. But now I’m glad I did those. Because, now, I don’t feel like writing reviews after I come home from work.

The same photo problems as the last post – half are shitty.

Living in America, or any place besides Japan, makes it difficult to get those really good, exotic candies and snacks. I never realized it before, but I’m actually pretty lucky to be living where I am, as I have [probably] more access to Japanese sweets than some other people. [And right now, I especially love the market! ♥] That’s why, I never expected to see any other kind of flavor of Apollo(アポロ) besides the original Strawberry and Chocolate combo.

You can go to the site : Okashi-land and visit Apollo Island. You can click on the pink or purple mascot and get redirected to the Character Bio. Or you can click on the spaceship, which is supposed to take you to the downloading corner(ダウンロードコーナー), but I can’t get it to work.

Since I didn’t expect to ever find any other flavor of アポロ, as soon as I spotted these boxes on the shelf, I snatched one for purchasing immediately. Well, of course, I made sure it wasn’t some weird flavor like curry or something. Now that it’s in my possession, I can take the time to reflect and really look at the actual packaging.

The packaging is pretty cute. I love the little pudding pictures surrounding the two アポロ chocolates. And the picture of the purin(Japanese pudding) at the top looks absolutely delish. Super yummy. One of the things, since I became obsessed with Japanese foods and sweets, that I’ve wanted to try is, you guessed it, purin(プリン). Most of the Japanese on the box, I can’t read. I mean, I can get characters and bits, but I’m unable to read it well enough to translate it. (Sorry!)

When I opened the tab, there appeared to be a question. In red, it said “アポロのひみつ 2()クイス” [Apollo’s Secret, 2(something) Quiz.” The question was “アポロちゃんのママの名前は?” [What’s Apollo’s mother’s name?] And then below that, it says to pick either choice A or choice B. Choice A is “いちごママ” (Strawberry Mom) and Choice B is “チョコレートママ” (Chocolate Mom). The answer is on the bottom tab, so the answer will also be on the bottom of this post. (Don’t cheat and scroll down to find the answer!) Now that you’ve guessed, remember it as you read along this review.

I’d like to say, that originally, this box was just going to get an ‘A’ for packaging. But once I opened the tab and found out that there was a quiz inside…well that put me over the top and let me give the packaging rating an extra ‘+’. (It helped that I was actually able to read it as well.)

Rating: A+

I spotted this in the market shelf for $1.68. Buy it at napaJapan for $2.69.

As soon as the plastic wrapping is off, the scent of the pudding/プリン is apparent. The smell is quite strong, and it reminds me of a プリン jelly I had as a kid(…that I admit I didn’t like very much, as far as I can remember). If I were to describe it in words for a person who’s never had or smelt プリン before, I would say it smelt like flan, (well that’s what プリン isn’t supposed to be like anyways). But honestly, I haven’t smelt real flan in a while, so I can’t be sure. I can say though, that it smells incredibly sweet. Sugar, eggs(…only because I know プリン has eggs, not because I can actually smell it) and burnt caramel. [It’s hard to really describe the smell, since I already know the ingredients in flan…]

The shape of the chocolate is exactly the same as the original that I had, before I started this blog(well obviously…). The smell is even stronger as there isn’t a box to block out the scent. I ate the first piece by breaking it half (the brown bottom and white top…accidentally of course!). It’s hard to get any real flavor out of a single one, since it’s so small.

If I say that the white portion tastes like the smell of flan, that wouldn’t make any sense at all. Trying it like that…just kind of mushes the flavors together. I think I should be glad I accidentally split the pieces whenever I eat one, because otherwise, the flavor is hard to detect. In other words, the two flavors don’t do anything to each other. I guess it tastes vanilla-y, and the smell of the プリン causes my taste buds to taste the プリン. (It’s taking me way to many tries to get the flavor down!)

Okay, I finally figured it out! So, I guess the top part is like vanilla flavored. And the bottom chocolate part is where the プリン flavor comes in. I guess that makes sense, since the brown in supposed to represent the burnt caramel, and the white is supposed to represent the egg-y part. (But I thought it was the other way around for some reason.) I’d say this chocolate is pretty good, but when eating both sides, the vanilla part overpowers the プリン part(which is what should be the main attraction). Still, it’s pretty good. And after eating these, I really want to try プリン now!

So, I had the idea of using Apollo chocolates as an ice cream topping, which is the reason for the picture if you’re wondering. Originally, I was going to just take them off after the pictures, but that vision failed, along with the vision of having perfectly round ice cream scoops. The chocolates kept falling, so I couldn’t take them out and put them back in the box. When I ate the two together, the Apollo became just like chocolate chips, so it was like chocolate chip flavored ice cream(the texture was the same as well!), as the pudding flavor could not be detected at all.

Nutritional Facts:
Whenever the information is given in Japanese, what’s written below may not ever be entirely accurate.
Calories(エネルギー): 272
Protein(たんぱく質): 2.8g
Fats(脂質): 16.7g
Carbohydrates(炭水化物): 27.5g
Sodium(ナトリウム): 24mg

Rating: A

The packaging for this is awesome! It’s cute by itself, and the little quiz inside really puts it over the top! (I hope you remember your answer!~) The chocolate is also pretty awesome. I really like it, but I wish that the vanilla wouldn’t overpower the プリン when eaten together.
[I still have to give this some extra points since I never thought I would find it and also because I really want to try プリン.]

Overall Rating: A

I will happily eat these(the two portions separately of course!), and try to savor them. I would definitely buy these again, but I’m not sure if I can(because of A. lack of money and B. by the time I go back to Japantown, they might have restocked). I absolutely recommend these to everyone, they are awesome!

Rating Scale:
(A+ = Perfect, or close to it.)
(A = Awesome, but I wish the vanilla wouldn’t overpower.)
B = Good.
C = Average.
D = Bad.
F = Inedible.

Read Snack Love’s review on Apollo:Vanilla Pudding here.

The answer to the question is: ”こたえはA:いちごママ” [Choice A: Strawberry Mom] Thank you for guessing! [if you did]


2 Responses to “Review #43: Apollo Vanilla Pudding 「アポロバニラぷディング」”

  1. 1 prettyprettyyumyum

    ooooh!! I just bought those today too! apollo candies are so kawaii :D

    • Yes! They are(:

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