Review #44: Fuwamaki Milk Roll Cake 「ふわまきミルクケーキ」


Half of the pictures in the post are weird because I used the video camera, same reason as the Apollo pictures.

I think I’ve heard of the brand, Bourbon, before in other Japanese sweets reviews. This, however, is my first time trying something from that brand. I first spotted this cute snack on one of Tasty Japan’s reviews. I thought it was absolutely adorable, as the way the snack is designed reminds me of a cow. I love the small, animated cows. That is to say, I don’t dislike real cows, I’ve just never encountered them, because there aren’t any farms or anything where I live. Still, I think cows are pretty cool (and cute if drawn well, like the one on the packaging). With Kelly’s yummy review and recommendation, I really wanted to try this. However, like the Apollo Chocolate from my last post, I never thought I would be able to find it. But I did, (and it was in the same amazing market!) so I quickly grabbed it.

Of course, the case with this snack is similar to that of the last post. I was so excited I didn’t really pay attention to the packaging design and stuff. However, unlike the last post, I actually saw a review of this before I found it, so I already knew it was cute.
The packaging is even cuter in person! Who can say no to that adorable cow! And the picture of the snack looks absolutely tempting. The background is cute as well, showing a “barn scene”. Though, there’s just the fence and what I assume is the barn house, as well as a random mountain in the background. It is really really adorable.

There was only one thing that I had a problem with about this snack’s packaging, but it wasn’t the manufacturer’s fault, but the store. They had stuck the price tag sticker right onto the front(which of course I peeled off before the photo shoot). When I noticed this in the store, I looked through the other packs of this snack, but they were all the same. Every single one of them had a price sticker taped onto the front. Of course, that’s not the snack nor the manufacturer’s fault, but the store’s(which I still love though!), and it has nothing to do with the rating, I just felt like ranting a bit.

Rating: A+

I bought it at the market in 日本町 for $1.98. I don’t know where else you can buy this roll cake so you’ll have to search for the cows yourself.

The actual cake is soooooooo much cuter in person. I honestly squealed when I saw it as I pulled it out! (The picture makes it look orange…ish….but it’s actually MUCH whiter in person.) Unfortunately,  if I said this cake was perfect, I’d be lying. The cake part is soft and yummy.  The cream is sweet and tasty as well. But there’s a strange aftertaste that I can’t quite put my finger on what it is exactly.

The problem I have with this cake is two things, it just isn’t that amazing. It is good, no doubt about that. But perhaps I just set the expectation bar too high so I thought I would receive something heavenly. In the end, I was just disappointed.

There are several reasons that could be why the expectation wasn’t met. Maybe it wasn’t fluffy enough. Or maybe it wasn’t sweet enough. But I’d like to stick with, it just wasn’t heavenly enough. (or something) And also the weird aftertaste.

I saved some of the roll cake and two days later, I tried it again after getting back the camera. So, it still tastes the same, I guess that’s a good thing since it’s “fresh”. But then, today, I discovered a yellow filling in the cream. I thought, “Hmm…this might be the source of the weird taste.” So I squeezed and took it out, and tried eating the last bite without the yellow filling. But, the taste is still that weird taste. The filling by itself, though not the source of the real weird taste, is still weird and not good tasting.

Nutritional Facts:
Net Wt: 1.53oz (43.5g)
Serving Size: 1 package(43.5g)
Servings: 1
Calories: 175
Total Fat: 6g
Sat. Fat: 1.5g
Sugars: 4g
Protein: 2g

[Strangely, though there’s the whole ‘cow’ theme, there isn’t any calcium in this snack…strange indeed.]

Rating: C+

The packaging is uber cute and I just love the whole cow theme. The actual cake is also uber cute with it’s brown spots. Unfortunately, the taste wasn’t uber anything. I mean, it wasn’t bad (except for the weird aftertaste), but it just wasn’t good. I think this happens most of the time when I preread about a snack or candy.

Overall Rating: B-

I love the effect of this picture.

I already finished it off before I finished this review because the cake is pretty small, and I also don’t want it to go bad. I don’t think I would be trying this or the coffee version of this cake(if I ever see it). I do recommend it for roll cake and cow loves.

Rating Scale:
(A+ = Perfect, or close to it)
B = Good
(B- = I really like the packaging, but the taste just doesn’t cut it)
(C+ = It’s a boost up from just “average” because I like the cow-theme on the cake, as well as outside)
C = Average
D = Bad
F = Inedible

Read Japanese Snack Reviews’ thoughts on this snack here.


6 Responses to “Review #44: Fuwamaki Milk Roll Cake 「ふわまきミルクケーキ」”

  1. I’ve tried the coffee version of this cake roll, I thought it was pretty good, but the spots on the roll is what makes me like it though haha! This review makes me want to go out and try this now!

    I bought the coffee one here in Don Quijote and it was 88 yen. But bread is always cheaper there haha!

    • I really love the spots too. It’s just sooo cute.
      LOL, well of course.
      Thanks for the read&comment!~

  2. 3 Kelly

    We thought the coffee version was the better of the two, actually. We didn’t have any weird aftertaste… :)

    • Hmmm, well I don’t think I’ll be that keen on buying it if I ever saw it. Really? Perhaps it’s only detectable to some people. I know, for one thing, that on the review from Japanese Snack Reviews, she mentioned that she had a weird aftertaste as well. So, I don’t really know.
      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Aiks.. that cute!! Feels like wana have a biteee~* can I?? XD

    • Haha, it really is cute.
      x3 Sowwies. I already ate it all. LOL. :)
      Thanks for the read&comment!~ ;D

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