Haul #6 and New Blog


*Warning: This post is photo heavy.*

So today’s Haul will be a little different, because there won’t be a mini-review. Instead, I have an important announcement. I have a new blog. Now before you freak out, this does not mean that this blog is being stopped, it merely means what it means, I have a new blog.

The title of this new blog is Life Walks (and you can click on this link or the one in the sidebar —>).  This time, I’m using Blogger as my host, instead of WordPress. I wanted to give this new blog a whole fresh start. Well, actually, the main reason why I’m using Blogger is to compare the two hosts sites. Haha.

Anyhow, this new blog is based on my life. I will write [daily? I haven’t really worked out the kinks yet] about my life and what I do. That way, you can see where I go and the stuff I see (that are cute and/or interesting!) All pictures on the blog will be taken by my cellular phone, because it’s the camera that’s with me all the time. [I got a new phone and I really love the camera on it!]

[Oh, and if you do check it out, you’ll notice that I also switched Photo Editing hosts, from Picasa to Photobucket. The reason for the switch is simple, I knew I would have to block out some things (such as faces), and Picasa can’t do that.]

So here’s yesterday’s haul! I went to 日本町 with my friends, (you can read more about it on my new blog) and this is what I brought back. This happens to be an interesting haul as it’s the haul with the least amount of sweets I brought back for this blog.

This is the new phone strap I bought at Daiso for $1.50 plus tax.

It says “Stop. Always be with you. Lovely days remind me of you.” (if you can’t read it) And here’s my new phone.

Next we have リラックマ(Rilakkuma) Chocolate Lollipop, the only food item I bought! You’ll see a review for it eventually on this blog. =)

And a リラックマ mini-notepad that I will never use and just keep because it’s so darn cute. The Japanese says “どこかにでかけませんか?” which is something like “Won’t [you] go out someplace [else with me]?”

Next we have a リラックマ eraser, that I might use. There’s two different pictures and the top is a cute pink リラックマ shape.

Then we have the four erasers I bought for $0.50 each at Ichiban’kan to add to my eraser collection. First up is a crepe.

Then a てんぷらどん(Fried Shrimp Over Rice).

Then a チョコレートビスケート (Chocolate Biscuit).

And the last, but not least, a cupcake.

That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed those photos, and I hope for myself that I can finish organizing the pictures for the HK haul by tomorrow!


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