HK Haul!

Warning: This post is also EXTREMELY Photo Heavy.
It’s finally. Finally. Finally! FINALLY! FINALLY HERE!

The long awaited HK haul that I’ve been waiting on for two months! It’s finally here!
The only down side is that since it’s an HK haul instead of my own, I have to share 50% of each candy with my sister. (Unless she dislikes it) *SIGH* I guess the up side is that I have another taster to back up or disagree my ratings.
First, we have these かわいい(cute) “Extrusion Beans”. (I have no idea what Extrusion means) I got the Fermented Soybean(なっと) one, while my sister got the regular Bean, and my aunt got the Black Bean (not pictured). So these are phone charms and when you squeeze it in the middle, a cute bean/dog thing pops out!
Next, we have some かわいい bear clips (that are way too small to really clip anything) but they’re super adorable anyways.  I got all the full bears, and half of the heads while my sister got half of the heads and the two heart things.

And then we have some (a lot of) erasers. I was super excited about these as I saw my aunt pull them out, but quickly was disappointed seeing as they were the fake, Korean manufactured ones instead of the authentic Japanese “imported” ones.
Can you tell the difference? The fake ones are too rubbery and crumbly, and the pieces don’t even stick together. They’re not the right color or words and they plain just suck. I’m still grateful my cousin bought all these for me, but I’m….I’m not just a stupid eraser collector, I have my morals. (Okay! Call me spoiled if you want, but I have my morals…or is it morales?)
I cannot proudly display these fake erasers (individually) with the rest of my collection. Maybe I’ll display them in their packaging, but not individually and proudly like these. (I haven’t added the new ones in yet.)
Then we have a cake box thing that opens up and has a magnet inside, for what purpose, I’m not really sure, but it’s yummy looking and it’s mine (left). And on the right is a super cute cat salt/pepper shaker that now belongs to my sister (For what reason she intends to use it, I have no idea either, nor do I know why my cousin bought it). (かわいい!)
And a cute, and yummy, strawberry charm that I asked for to (well a charm in general) give as a present to my friend. But now I see how yummy looking it is, I’m having second thoughts about giving it away (even though I already have way too many phone charms). (おいしい!)
And some more cute, yummy phone charms, except these are like squishy pudding/cakes that look super edibly yummy. (Of course, I’m even a sweets addict to non edible items!)
Now the start of real food, Extra, Forest Berries, Mint. I actually asked for this. She said it was a bit expensive, so I told her not to get it, but she did after all! (and TWO of them too! [one for my sis though]) You cannot find these anywhere in US, not that I know of.
Hello Kitty Gummies! That I may review next, eventually, or never. I don’t know, but I already opened them. [Not pictured…sorry!]
This is super adorable! And I’m looking forward to eating it! ぷっちょ(Puccho) – メロン(Melon) [Hokkaido], or so I assume.

More ぷっちょ! The blueberry looks more promising than grape! (Stupid tape on the grape though -oh rhyming!)

Cute ハイチュウ(Hi-Chew) [Jrs]! Absolutely adorable! Because they’re juniors, but if they’re good, I would wish there was more.

ぷっちょキャラメル(Puccho Caramel) + チョコチップ(Chocolate Chips) + something else. Cool. I’ve seen this arround, so I’m glad I didn’t buy it. Haha, now I get it for “free”.

More ハイチュウs! The one I’m most looking forward to is もも昧(Peach) flavored! (the pink at the top ish)!

OMG! OMG! OMG! If YOU have squealed over and died by all these amazing snacks, well you better for this! Every since I’ve seen the review for this on Tasty Japan, I wanted it so bad! And now I finally get it! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! いちご大福(Strawberry Mochi!)!!!!

デコアソート(Deco Assortment)! Very stylish and pretty. I see アポロ(Apollo), Poifull, いちごタブレート(Strawberry Tablets),カラフルミント( Colorful Mints) and something yellow. Looking forward to this as well! Though I do wonder how on earth we’ll split this. =(

Now we move on to stickers and stationary. Here’s some very cute post it stick thingies.

This is way too cute, I cannot not share this with you. Just squeal over and let me die right now.  This is how I want to die, Death by oversquealing.

A bus card holder, though I don’t really have a use for it as I don’t have a bus card. I’ll show you the cute side, because I think I’m overspamming.

Some cute writing paper thing, that I really don’t have any use for either.

Stickers! Cute bear ones! =)

Cute hamsters!

Awesome! Double the Japanese stuff. Haha, I asked for double of these. One I plan to keep. The other I might use in projects for class.

Food and clothes! Two of my favorite things!

This is super adorable (and sparkly!) they’re holding hands!<3

Ahhhh! Soooo cute!

Cool =) Keyboard stickers. Unfortunately my laptop is a smaller size, so these won’t fit. And the normal keyboard I have is already decked out in stickers…

Cute match post its! I will have the most rocking, cute assed post its and stickers all over my stuff when the school year begins! That’s it for the spam! Hope you enjoyed it! I know I did, we’ll be back on regular reviews soon!


2 Responses to “HK Haul!”

  1. Wow! You have a nice cousin, great haul there, very cute :)
    Hey next time I go to japan if you want me to get you some erasers let me know… I brought a few back with me last time for friends children. :) I see what you mean about the fake ones, the Japanese made ones are so much better.

    • Haha, I know.
      The Japanese version is so much better.
      Oh, wow. That’s…I’m so…speechless. Haha, I really really really really really want to say yes to that offer. But I’d feel…rude about it. Seeing as I don’t really know you and asking you to get stuff for me, it just seems a bit rude on my part. Well, tell me when you go and maybe I’ll have changed my mind then. Haha, thanks for offering though!

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