Review #48: Shigekix White Soda 「シゲキックスホワイトソーダ


I’ve seen these candies around ever since I’ve started shopping at 日本町. They first jumped out at me because of the face, obviously. Well, the eyes aren’t that sweet, but the puckered lips get at me. Every time I make a trip, I spend at least a couple seconds wondering whether I should make the purchase of not.

And it seems this time, I finally caved in. The thing that prevented me from buying it earlier is probably two reasons. 1) I’m not that huge a fan of sour candies and 2) It seemed a bit pricy. Such a small bag for about $2. No, I didn’t cave because these were on sale, I bought them at regular pricing. I caved because, well, because I write a food blog, and since then, “I have to give everything a try”. (For the most part at least…) 

Rating: B

Despite it looking so shiny, that's not how the real candy looks like. Complete opposite actually.

I bought these at Nijiya for $1.79. Buy it at Asian Food Grocer for $1.89 or  eCrater for $2.00. Or get it for $2.69 at napaJapan. This time, we have it available for UK, going for £1.98.

The smell of the ラムネ(Ramune) or “White Soda” is pretty strong. As soon as I tore the perforation off, without even opening the seal, I could smell it, even through a snuffy nose.

The thing I was probably most afraid of was this candy being too sour, but that wasn’t a big problem at all. I’ve had way sourer stuff, that is to say, that this candy is pretty sour in itself(at least to me). The taste is a yucky kind of sour that stings a bit. It is a really sour flavor, but it’s not strong enough to be super sour. The sour is really bad, actually. It’s a The “ラムネ” flavor is strongly evident in the back. So I guess you could say it tastes like a sour ラムネ candy gone bad…or something.

The texture is…not good. I thought it would be more gummy like, but it’s a really hard and not chewy. So that kind of sucks. But towards the end, the “gummy” gets sweeter. (That’s the only “good” part.)

My sister’s thoughts exactly, “Are you sure it’s not expired? It tastes expired.” Yeah, she also said it wasn’t “that sour, only the top part [layer] is”. (And, No, it’s not expired. The expiration date is 12/2010. That’s almost half a year from now.)

[I read up on a couple of reviews (see below) and many people say that this candy is super sour and “unbearable”. So is it strange for me [and my sister] to think that it’s really not that sour…?]

See! Told you.

Nutritional Facts:
Net Wt:
0.88oz (25g)
Serving Size: 0.17oz (5g)
Servings: about 5
Calories: 15
Sugars: 2g
Protein: 1g
Vitamin C: 460% (…?)

*Note: In case you didn’t read the post from a couple days ago, the Total Fat is zero, so it’s not put up there.*

Rating: C-

The packaging is what always struck at me. I wouldn’t say it’s really great though. It certainly does it’s job, representing a sour candy. But it’s just not that great. The taste is pretty sure, but not as super sour as everyone says. I don’t particularly like the type of “expired” sour powder this candy has and the texture’s not that great either.

Overall Rating: C

I really have no idea what this is and don't care enough to figure it out. I'm guessing it has something to do with earning tokens for some online game.

There’s not much left, but I will finish it as it’s strangely addicting in some ways. I don’t see myself buying this, ever again. I wouldn’t really recommend these unless your a fan of super sour gummies.

Rating Scale:
A+ = Perfect, or close to it.
(B = Good.)
(C = Average.)
(C- = Just a little bit below average.)
D = Bad.
F = Inedible.

Read The Chocolate Review or Candy Addict’s review on this candy.


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