Review #52: Hello Kitty Fruit Juice Gummy


I don’t hate Hello Kitty, but when I first glanced at this candy, I knew immediately (and said out loud) “I don’t want this. It’s not going to be good.” Like I said, I don’t hate Hello Kitty, but that was probably more than half the reason I thought this candy wouldn’t be good.

Perhaps it’s because I doubted Hello Kitty candy would be good, from past experiences that I can’t remember. Or perhaps it was because it was a “fruit juice gummy” and those are never good.

The packaging is “cute”, but not really cute to me. (I’m being so confusing today). But yeah. It’s pretty cute, and stands out, but it’s not something that I would personally find cute.

I kind of like these tube kind of packaging. I don’t know why. The tube shows that there are four flavors of the gummy, Purple (grape), Yellow (Lemon), Green (Apple…or Lime) and Red (Cherry). Of course, I’m just assuming all these flavors, I’m not actually sure.

Seeing this Hello Kitty candy makes me think of the psychology teacher at my school. He is literally obsessed with Hello Kitties. The only reason I know this is because my Modern World class was in the “Hello Kitty” room. Well, I’m planning to take Psychology class later, so I have a huge chance of getting class in that room again.

Rating: C

HK Haul. And I can’t find this candy anywhere online, so look for it yourself if you dare.

I thought, or was hoping, this would taste like a different fruit gummy that I like. It has the same type of packaging, so I thought it might be the same. But it’s not. In terms of texture, that fruit gummy was stiffer, and honestly better tasting.

Also, the shape of these gummies, though there is some resemblance to Hello Kitty, it’s more like a deformed version of Hello Kitty.

Green one –
Doesn’t really have a distinctive flavor, but I’d go with Lime. It’s very sweet.

Yellow one-
I’d go with Lemon. A very yucky tasting lemon that is. I can’t really describe it, but it’s just bad tasting. Like, it’s not quite sour but not quite sweet. It’s like…maybe an overripe lemon? Not that I’ve ever tasted one.

Red one-
I’d say it’s a mix of cherry and strawberry, in other words, gross. Either pick to be strawberry or cherry flavor! You can’t have it both ways Hello Kitty! Again, very sweet, but also yucky tasting.

Purple one-
Again, no distinctive flavor. I’m stuck between grape and plum, which are both closely related (to me at least). Once again, sweet and not good.

Not only do these gummies look and taste funny, just seeing how coated they (and the sides of the bottle) are with sugar, makes me want to hurl.

Nutritional Facts:
(Since this product is from HK, the facts are kind of weird)
Net Wt: ?
Serving Size: ?
Servings: ?
Calories: 340
Protein: 5.5g
Carbs: 79.4g
Sugars: 52.7g
Sodium: 11mg
Shelf Life: 12 months

Rating: D

The packaging, being Hello Kitty didn’t really make me want to eat it. The flavors aren’t terribly inedibley disgusting, but they aren’t good. They are way too sweet, and some of them are just indistinguishable.

Overall Rating: D+

I wish I could give the whole thing away to my sister, but even she doesn’t want it. I will never buy these myself, and will never ask my cousin to buy these ever again. Unless you’re a big fan of (yucky) fruit gummies or Hello Kitty, I don’t recommend these.

Rating Scale:
A+ = Perfect, or close to it.
B = Good.
(C = Average.)
(D+ = Not entirely bad.)
(D = Bad.)
F = Inedible.

No other known reviews, so just trust me on this. And if you don’t, just go and try it yourself.


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