Haul #7 + Secret Revealed!


Today, I went to 日本町 with the intention of mainly:
1) Buying my textbook + a dictionary for the new term
and 2) Buying some more erasers for my collection (although this picture isn’t really up to date).
The reason my aim wasn’t for snacks, is because I still have a lot of goodies from previous hauls, as well as from HK, so I think I’m good in terms of sweets for a while.

And a close up. I think Rilakkuma’s(リラックマ) sole purpose in my life is to make me go broke. I’m not even kidding, I already bought many  リラックマ products last time. And this time, I was going to buy another mini notebook at Ichiban’kan. But ended up getting just this folder (when I already have another I bought at Maido). I’m such a sucker for リラックマ.

Well, as of now. I really love shopping for/looking at
1) Clothes
2) Erasers
3) Cute リラックマ and other cute San-X (or not) characters.  [This one is mainly a “look at” thing]

And here we have a look at the three (sigh…only three) erasers I bought today. A toothpaste eraser, pretty uber cute. A Kendama. As you can (maybe) see, I’ve gotten out of my “sweets only” for erasers. Though I’m still holding on a bit. There weren’t a lot of cute erasers at Ichiban’kan (where I can get them for $.50), but there were a ton at Kinokuniya, which sells them for $.98 (too expensive for me!) The last one is two small ice creams, this is actually not an Iwako product, but Dream Erasers. They are very similar to Iwako products, the main difference is that Dream Erasers tend to be smaller, and are sometimes 2 to a pack.

And then take a look at my new awesome Japanese-English dictionary. Pretty awesome, huh. But they aren’t just Japanese to English.

There’s an English to Japanese side too.

And lastly, the revealed “secret” is…

There really is a curry Ramune! I spotted it in L.A, but was not brave enough to try it. I do regret, though, not trying the Yuzu Ramune.


2 Responses to “Haul #7 + Secret Revealed!”

  1. 1 prettyprettyyumyum

    WOW those erasers are soooooo adorable. I love them, they don’t look like erasers at all, but little toys. Cute!

    • I know! :D
      Haha. They’re part of my (not that big) collection. (:
      Thanks for the read&comment!~

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