Review #54 : Rilakkuma Stick Choco 「リラックマスティックチョコ」


リラックマ(Rilakkuma), or also known as Relax Bear, because his name comes from the words “relax” and “kuma”(the Japanese word for bear). He’s a super adorable character from the San-X company. I believe he was targeted towards housewives, with the thought of relaxing, but his cute face attracts all folks. Not visible here, but actually on the back of リラックマ is a zipper, though the nature of it is unknown. Does this mean that someone else is in that bear costume?  He is seen sometimes hanging out multiple outfits on a clothesline that resemble (or are) the lower half of his “suit”. As his name says, リラックマ loves to relax. So you can see him sleeping or laying on his stomach a lot of the times.

Two characters accompany リラックマ, one is コリラックマ(Korilakkuma), a small, white, child-like bear. コリラックマ doesn’t really talk and loves to play pranks, especially on リラックマ while he’s sleeping. コリラックマ is a female bear, who has a red button in the front, signifying that she might, too, not be a real bear. However, she does not have a zipper on her back. The other accompanying character is a small yellow chick named きいろとり(Kiirotori). His name literally translates into “yellow colored bird”. きいろとり is the exact opposite of リラックマ as he is hard-working and loves to clean.

I really really really super really adore リラックマ(Rilakkuma). If you actually know who リラックマ is (or if you really read the above blurb), then I’m sure you’ll be able to tell that despite the name of this candy being “リラックマ Stick Choco”, that character is not リラックマ. Yes ladies and gents, that is リラックマ’s companion, コリラックマ(Korilakkuma). Both are equally cute.

I was pretty disappointed because where I lived, there wasn’t much リラックマ edible products. So when I saw this one day at the Nijiya market, I just knew I had to have it. I did wait for a bit, to see if it appeared somewhere else for cheaper, because this was not cheap at all. On the shelf was a リラックマ version of this candy, as well as this コリラックマ version. The reasons I picked this one over リラックマ was because this was the last of the コリラックマs and also because the リラックマ version wasn’t really that cute.

I definitely have to be careful when getting the candy out, because I really want to treasure and keep the background, so I have to make sure I rip it properly. *crosses fingers*

Rating: A+

This was expensive, and I think more so. It was $1.89, and then there was tax making it $2.07. Now, I found this weird as I looked at the receipt later on, because Nijiya doesn’t charge tax…at least not for food products. I know that for a fact, as I’ve made several food purchases at Nijiya, and not once have I been charged tax for it. But I’m the type of person that doesn’t like to make trouble, so I just left it, seeing as it was just a little bit more, and being as it was リラックマ, it was (maybe) worth it. I can’t find it anywhere online, so you’ll have to be on a look out for it by yourself.

To be honest, I thought this was a lollipop. But it’s really just chocolate on a stick. I’ve seen this type of “chocolate lollipop” before, with Peko and Poko from Fujiya. Despite seeing it around a lot, I have never tried it, though I have wanted to many times.

So I guess I managed to peel it off properly, though it wasn’t hard as there was a tab. But it did leave some unappreciated white gunk on it, so hopefully I can wipe that off.

The Choco Stick smells just like plain milk chocolate. Having it out, the stick is really much smaller. It already looked small from the packaging, but holding it in my hand makes it feel even smaller. Actually, I’m having a hard time taking a bite out of this because it’s so cute and I want to keep it forever. Finally sucking it up, and taking a bite, it tastes just like regular Hershey’s milk chocolate; the brown parts at least. I have yet to try the white part of  コリラックマ as I believe it could be white chocolate.

Although it’s hard to tell as most of the chocolate is milk, I’m pretty sure that the white parts of コリラックマ was indeed white chocolate. That being said, this choco stick was pretty normal, just a really sweet milk chocolate with a bit of white chocolate. Actually, I thought it was a little bit too sweet, but then again, I’m more a fan of dark chocolate than any other. This candy is pretty average, but of course, the selling part is that it’s cute リラックマ, so it deserves that much. In terms of taste though…(but it’ll still be up-ed)

Nutritional Facts:
(Facts in Japanese – Accuracy may not be 100%)
Serving Size: 10g
Servings: 1
Calories: 58k
Protein: 0.6g
Fats: 3.7g
Carbohydrates: 5.5g
Sodium: 6mg 

Rating: B+

The packaging and selling point is super cute as I love リラックマ, but the taste is pretty average. It’s still good though, but average, I only up-ed it to a plus because it was リラックマ. But such a small piece of chocolate, no matter how cute, for such a steep price…is it really worth it?

Overall Rating: B+

The Japanese game...that I forget what it's called...something to do with ladders?

I really enjoyed looking at it, but it went by so quickly since it’s a small piece of chocolate anyways. I don’t think I would actually buy a candy like this again, unless it was a really super cute character, or if it were for cheaper. I do recommend it for cute character lovers, as you still get a keepsake at the end, but not to people who are more into the eating portion than the cute portion of it.

Rating Scale:
(A+ = Perfect.)
(B+ = Good, and up-ed a bit for cuteness, but it still stands to be what it is in terms of taste.) 
C = Average.
D = Bad.
F = Inedible.

Can’t find another review, so just trust me on my judgement, or seek out リラックマ and find out for yourself!

Oh and Hats off to you, if you figured out that the backdrop of these pictures was another San-X character, Kamonohashikamo; or Kamo for short.


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