Review #55: Extra Professional Mints – Forest Berries


Okay, it should be obvious that this isn’t a Japanese snack food, nor is it time for a “Holiday Special”, not in a while at least. The reason why this is being reviewed is because it came along with the HK Haul, and not only did it come along with, it was a requested item. Because it’s just that awesome.

I’m not a big fan of mints, mainly peppermints.
So when my cousin introduced this to be…about 2 years ago, I wasn’t ecstatic. Looking at it now, it’s kind of appealing. Still not entirely, because it’s a pink color, but that’s alright I guess. Having a pop up top (though sometimes hard to open) is pretty cool as well.

Not much else to say though. Kind of a super lack of words compared to the last post.

Rating: A

HK Haul. I special requested this because I couldn’t find it here, in America, probably because it’s “Made by the Wrigley Confectionery Shanghai Co.” I couldn’t find it online, but perhaps you can with a little luck.

The taste blew me away two years ago, but have my taste buds changed over the course of the years? No, it really hasn’t much. The taste is still as wonderful. A sweet, tangy raspberry…or strawberry taste. (I’m going to have to go with raspberry though) The taste is very sweet, and would be dearly loved as just a regular piece of candy as well. Though, now, I feel that it has a slight medicinal taste to it, that I didn’t taste in years past. This tiny piece of “candy” not only tastes sweet, it leaves a clean feeling in your mouth, just like the advertisement says. Still, I’m not an entirely huge fan of mints, and obviously this was made for the purpose of cleaning up after one’s breath, not to be enjoyed as a candy. So in terms of that, it’s a very good mint.

Nutritional Facts:
None written.

Rating: A

Both taste and packaging are exceptional. Though the packaging is not quite up to my standards, it’s pretty well in itself. The taste, being a mint, serves well. But I have a slight problem with it’s medicinal (though dim) taste as well as the fact that I don’t particularly eat mints.

Overall Rating: A

I don't know if you can tell, but the mint splits into two colors, the top is pink and the bottom is white.

I will (somewhat sadly) have to finish off the rest of these. I would definitely try to get them again, but my cousin tells me that it’s expensive. And I very much recommend this, if you can get your hands on it.

Rating Scale:
A+ = Perfect, or close to it.
(A = Pretty awesome.)
B = Good.
C = Average.
D = Bad.
F = Inedible.

Read a short review by “100 Word Reviews” here. And check out the Wrigley’s site.


One Response to “Review #55: Extra Professional Mints – Forest Berries”

  1. 1 salman

    i think it has some drugs i eat once ten i want to eat another n goes on on …its really really addictive… whatever i love it

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