Review #60: Mixed Senbei 「ミックスせんべい」


I don’t think anyone who reads this blog new I was in L.A. during the first week of August (especially since I didn’t update my other blog…maybe handling two blogs is too much for me…). Anyways, one of the reasons (besides my not telling you) that you probably didn’t know was because there was still updates, but that’s only because I had finished those reviews early on and scheduled them (as I do with almost every review). Anyways, so I was in L.A, that was the point of this whole long blurb.

It was at the Japanese market in the Little Tokyo Shopping Plaza that I found this snack. There were two packages, this and a different senbei (せんべい) that was cherry blossom flavored. In the end, I obviously chose the mixed せんべい. There were several reasons, 1) I didn’t know what “cherry blossom” tasted like and wasn’t sure whether it would be good or not, 2) A variety sounded good and 3) I thought there would be some cherry blossom せんべい mixed in there. Unfortunately, there wasn’t.

I really like how it’s semi-transparent. And you (obviously) can’t tell from the pictures. But there was a green (thick) string tied around the top through a small hole. Though it wasn’t the opening or anything, it just made it that much cooler. It was kind of like a handle, that you could carry.

Rating: A+

This was somewhat expensive, $6.99, but then again, it is a pretty big bag. With such a generic name, I don’t think it’s quite possible to find the exact same thing. But generic means generic (you’ll know what I mean as you read on).

It was hard for me to find all the different pieces. The first time, I only saw 2, and then later on I found 4. But some days later when I ate some again, I found 5 different pieces. “Generically” speaking, these pieces were mostly all the same tasting, for the most part. But you can decide based on my more “detailed” descriptions below. One thing they definitely had in common, was the salt. There was so much salt, it was unbelievable. Just digging my hand in there to grab a few, I probably got about 1 gram of salt on my hands…that is, pretending I actually know how much a gram is.

There is a ruffled pink piece. This one, or just pink in general is probably the most abundant in the bag…though I can’t say that for sure as I didn’t take note before any were eaten. This is dotted with seaweed and shrimp, like many of the others in the bag. This pink one tastes more like shrimp than seaweed.

Then we have a green piece, that is mainly freckled with seaweed. It’s wasabi-green colored, but it doesn’t taste like wasabi (obviously). It tastes mostly of seaweed.

This is a ruffly yellow piece, with just seaweed speckled on it. I think this one tasted more like crab than shrimp, but I don’t like/eat seafood that much so I can’t really tell.

To tell the honest truth, every piece tasted differently ever time. And they all vaguely resembled each other. But I tried my best to distinguish them. We now have a flat orange piece that has the usually amount of seaweed and shrimp. Although I would like to say this is more “shrimpy” as the edges have dark edges, that could be shrimp. This tastes of a salty shrimp, though more salt than shrimp in flavor.

And finally, we have a big white piece. It has the usual seaweed and shrimp, although these big white pieces had more visible whole shrimps than any other. This had a salty sweet seaweed taste to it. Salty from the salt and sweet from the seaweed, combining together to create my favorite piece out of the whole bag. And I would like to think that this was supposed to be the best, as it was the biggest and flattest piece of all.

Despite my taste buds being confused for most of the time, I still can barely distinguish the subtle difference between all 5 pieces. I think as you keep eating, you’ll be able to tell even if you’re an amateur like me. I really wanted to eat all of this in one sitting (with a drink of course), but I wanted to control myself. That wasn’t so hard to do as I just thought about how much salt just one piece held.

Nutritional Facts:
Net Wt: 5.2oz (150g)
Calories: 129
Serving Size: 24 pieces (30g)
Servings: about 5
Total Fat: 3
Sodium: 300mg
Total Carbs: 24g
Sugars: 24g
Protein: 1

Rating: A+

The packaging, although plain, really spoke to me. Or perhaps it was the one next to it (Sakura Senbei) that  did. I really liked all of the せんべい pieces, of course, since they all tasted like each other. The only bad thing I would say is how much salt is put into this snack.

Overall Rating: A+

I, or mostly my sister, have polished these off. I really hope we can buy this again, perhaps when my sister/parents go back to L.A. I highly recommend these せんべい, unless you have high cholesterol (unless you’re sharing with someone).

Rating Scale:
(A+ = Perfect, or close to it.)
A = Amazing.
B = Good.
C = Average.
D = Bad.
F = Inedible.

Again, with such a generic name, it’s too hard for my lazy self to search for a review. So just trust me on my judgement.


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