Haul #8


It had been way too long, over a month since I went to Japantown! So one my very first chance to go, I nabbed it. I got out of school early on Wednesday, and I hopped on a bus over to Japantown. Gosh! When I entered, it was like heaven. I missed it so much!

So first, I went to Daiso. But Daiso was kind of lame, there wasn’t really anything that “popped” out at me. Then I moved on to Ichiban’kan, where I found so much good stuff! (I love Japantown!) But, I already had a game plan, that I have every time. So I moved on to Nijiya.

At Nijiya, I found a couple really good things. So with certain products in mind, I set off to the Market. At the Market, I made my first purchase. And that was…….

the Baskin Robbins Look Chocolate! That reminds me, there used to be a Baskin Robbins in the plaza near my school…..they closed down before I actually went to my school. So sad! I’ve seen Look Products before, online and once at Nijiya. The reason I didn’t get the one I saw at Nijiya, though as mouthwatering as these(maybe a little less) was because there was one flavor included that I absolutely despise and would not bow down to : banana.

Anyways, with my first purchase done, I headed back to Ichiban’kan. Here I grabbed the erasers that I had picked out earlier, and narrowed them down to four.

It’s a cow, pencil sharpener, toothbrush&cup and stapler.

Then I grabbed the DSi screen protectors…and actually, I intended to get the DSi case…but being a selfish klutz, I didn’t pay attention and grabbed the wrong one…I got the DSLite case…so, that’s useless now(I didn’t even notice during the photo shoot…only when my sister pointed it out…FAIL). If I can find time, I’ll go return it…otherwise, I’m sure I’ll find something to do with it.

I also got the Anpanman biscuit and Chocoball for $.50 each! (I’ll tell you the secret about them in the reviews for them later…)

And finally, I was stuck between Rilakkuma products (and hair products). There were Rilakkuma mini notebooks(like the one from before…that I still will never use…and haven’t even opened…), and Rilakkuma folders(like the ones I have, and actually do use), and this. The Rilakkuma stencil(that I have absolutely no use for…but oh well!) I believe everyone should now know about my obsession with Rilakkuma (and erasers)!

So obviously you know my decision. But I’ll tell you why I didn’t pick the others. The notebooks weren’t that cute, and plus one of the two pictures on the pages was the same as the cover, so that was kind of lame(the one I have has 2 different pictures PLUS the cover picture). And the folder, there was one I wanted and I was competing that with the stencil, which was difficult because they were both the same price. But I chose the stencil instead, because A) I already have 3 folders and B) I didn’t really have enough room in my bag, so I didn’t want to squish it, or carry it around in hand. I was thinking of getting a hair band or hair clip, but decided against it. Maybe next time!

After Ichiban’kan, I headed off to my last stop of the day(at Japantown at least), Nijiya. At Nijiya, I got the Parfait A La Mode Look. That was one of the things that caught my eye during the first visit. The second thing was this:

Watermelon candy! I actually saw this at the Nijiya in L.A, and I wanted it! Well actually, that was the gummy version (which this Nijiya also had). The gummy version was cheaper, but also smaller. I didn’t feel like gummy, so I decided to go with this one, as it’s a hard candy.

Another thing that caught my eye was the bowling pins+ball eraser(above). I had seen this online somewhere, and thought it was absolutely adorable. I was surprised! Because suddenly, Nijiya was selling erasers too! Yay! That means, eventually, I’ll get the really hard ones I really really want (hopefully)! But Nijiya was selling them for $.89, still cheaper than Kinokuniya though, which is $.98. Which reminds me, I was upset because Ichiban’kan had an inflation on their eraser prices…it’s now $.60 instead of $.50… WAUGH! I should’ve bought more when I had the chance!

The last thing I bought at Nijiya was something that did catch my eye in L.A, but I couldn’t get it. I really can’t believe I didn’t see this during the first trip to Nijiya. I really should slap myself! I’m so ashamed! But thankfully, I come twice to each shop(except the last one), so I didn’t get to miss out on this…

Rilakkuma pretzel! I’m not sure whether the pretzel will be good or not, because I mainly bought it because it was Rilakkuma. There were, I believe, four different designs. There was one I really liked, but there were only two boxes and both were a little damaged. And then there was one that just wasn’t very cute. And then it boiled down to this one and another one…I forget what made my final decision though…I think it was because I dropped the other one while holding it, so that decided its fate.

I realize this is a really long post. But I haven’t been to Japantown in a while(and won’t be…I don’t think) so I’m really excited! So thanks for reading! (if you’re all the way down here!)


3 Responses to “Haul #8”

  1. 1 prettyprettyyumyum

    Wow, you did good! Nice purchases. I loooooooooooove Look chocolate, it tastes as fabulous as it looks on the packaging, which is cool! Icecream flavours are the best :)

    • LOL. I know, it looks amazing! I can’t wait to open it! Haha, but I still got a ton of other stuff to work through first.

  2. 3 iomoo

    aaah i want the stencil! i hope the nijiya in mountain view has it XD

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