Review #68: Mangosteen Gummy 「マンゴチングミ」


I really have a hard time doing “old stuff” after I get “new things”. Like, after I get a new haul, I really want to hurry up and eat+review the snacks, but then I remember that I still have stuff left over, so I can’t do that. This is one of those “old things” that I’ve really pushed quite back. What motivated me to finally write this? Well, I’m almost out of these gummys!

The blurb on every pack is different, like with the Muscat Gummy one. This one says, “The Mangosteen has the perfect balance of sweet and sour taste, known as the “Queen of Fruit”. Enjoy its delicious flavor in Kasugai’s Mangosteen Gummy Candies.”

By now, this has become one of those candies that appeal to me just by the name, like Pocky, because I know it’s good. I’ve had a lot of Kasugai gummies, and they’ve never disappointed. What made me choose this instead of a normal strawberry or mango? I was curious. What was mangosteen? Okay, I admit, part of it had to do with the fact that it had mango- in its name.

It is only now that I realize that I’ve had this fruit before. I had a sense of familiarity looking at it, but I didn’t realize until…well I forget when, but eventually I figured it out. I can’t recall how it tasted, however. I do remember it being fairly sweet and I liked it quite a bit. Click here to read how to choose/eat one, pictures included!

Rating: A+

This was $2.39, cheaper than the usual $2.89. My mom bought it for me (a while ago) at some Chinese store in Chinatown. Purchase it at Asian Food Grocer for $2.98.

It gives off a scent like all the rest of Kasugai gummys I’ve had before. It’s very sweet smelling. And it reminds me of a mix between apple and something else, I can’t quite determine what it is. Or even if it really is an apple smell either.

The taste is hard to describe. It’s definitely sweet, but there’s something more to it than just a sugary sweetness. There’s a bit of tartness to it as well, blending in very nicely with the sweet. I get the feeling of “apple” again, though it’s not quite the same. Perhaps there’s a touch of mango, or maybe I’m just imagining it.  Maybe it’s peach, I’m really bad at this determining thing.

I really can’t describe the taste, but it is really good. The only way you can truly understand is if you go and get some yourself.

Nutritional Facts:
Net Wt: 4.02 oz (114g)
Serving Size: 8 pieces (40g)
Servings: about 3
Calories: 120
Total Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 0g
Sodium: 15mg
Total Carbohydrate: 29g
Sugars: 29g
Protein: 2g
Calcium: 6%
Vitamin C: 30%

Rating: A

The packaging isn’t an influence anymore for something like this, it’s more of a calling, whatever that means. I totally just made that up, okay I’ll shut up now. Anyways, I’ve had this fruit before, and I’m pretty sure it was quite good. And if it’s anything like the gummy, which I doubt it was, then I’m probably correct. The taste is really hard to describe though, so the best I can say is that it’s sweet, tart, has a mystery ingredient and you should try it yourself.

Overall Rating: A

I’m almost done with these gummys. I would buy these again, but I probably won’t, there’s just too much candy in the world to re-buy things unless they’re amazing. Most likely, I’ll end up getting another flavor of Kasugai Gummies. I definitely, definitely recommend giving these a try if you can.

Rating Scale:
(A+ = Perfect, or close to it.)
(A = Amazing.)
B = Good.
C = Average.
D = Bad.
F = Inedible. 

Click to read a review by Stephen Loves Candy. Check out the Kasugai website for more stuff.


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