Review #69: Puccho Caramel 「ぷっちょ:キャラメル」


I had seen this countless times in Nijiya, but I never got around to buying it. And then, my cousin happened to buy it in the HK haul, and well, that solved everything. I think the main reason I kept avoiding purchasing it, was that I wasn’t really sure what it was going to taste like/what was in it. I mean, it had the diagram and I could read the Japanese, but I was still unsure.

The packaging is cute, as far as ぷっちょ goes. And we all know that ぷっちょ always has cute designs/mascots. By now I look at ぷっちょ by the name and flavor rather than the packaging, it’s become a trusted brand just like: ハイチュウ(Hi-Chew), ポッキー(Pocky), かすがい(Kasugai), めいじ(Meiji), かめだせいか(Kameda Seika) and もりなが(Morinaga). 

Rating: A+

HK Haul. I can’t find anywhere to buy it except for Play Asia, but it’s currently out of stock, so…

I was really surprised by the color of the candy when I opened it up. And I’m not entirely sure why either. I mean, I knew it was chocolate and caramel, so it being brown isn’t a big of a deal, but somehow it surprised me. It might’ve been the fact that I haven’t had a ぷっちょ candy before in any color other than white(or at least white ish).

This smelled strongly of chocolate, and I’m going to throw in coffee in there as well. Honestly, looking at the piece of shit candy (ahem), doesn’t really make it appealing. Oh well, guess I’ll just close my eyes and pop it in.

The taste is, of course chocolate. Very chocolate and caramely and coffee like. It’s really, a jumbled mess in there. The candy melts away easily, much softer than the Blueberry&Grape ぷっちょ. I like the chocolate chip pieces, but there are also gummy pieces.

It’s not terrible, but it’s not all that great either. I feel as though they just threw in too much. You’ve got the chocolate, and the caramel, and the coffee, and the chocolate chip and the flavorless gummy. It’s just too much. The taste is just so overwhelmingly sweet and caffeinated.

Nutritional Facts:
Net Wt: 50g (10 pieces)
エネルギー (Energy/Calories) 210kcal
たんぱく質 (Protein) 2.1g
(Fats) 5.9g
炭水化物 (Carbohydrates) 37.7 g
ナトリウム (Sodium) 64 mg

Rating: C

ぷっちょ designs are always cute. So this pack isn’t much different.
The appearance on the inside isn’t so appealing however. It reminds me of…Winnie the Pooh, if you understand. The taste isn’t bad, but it isn’t good. There’s just too many flavors and things packed into it, it’s hard to enjoy it. Plus it’s way too sweet.

Overall Rating: B-

I have 2 left, thank goodness. I will definitely not buy this again, nor ask my cousin to buy it(and I’m glad I didn’t get it myself…and waste money on the whole pack). I don’t really recommend this unless you’re a huge fan of caramels or chocolate or coffee or all three together.

Rating Scale:
(A+ = Perfect, or close to it.)
B = Good.
(B- = Okay.)
(C = Average.)
D = Bad.
F = Inedible. 

Here’s a small blurb, but it’ll only be useful if you can read Japanese. But you can always check out the very cute ぷっちょ website.


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