Review #70: Kit Kat – Framboise 「キットカット:フランボワーズ」


I can’t believe I’m on the 70th review, and I’ve never had a Kit Kat before. Or well, not a Japanese Kit Kat. I think the first Japanese Kit Kat I came across was the Milk and Coffee one, but I hadn’t wanted to buy it. I don’t really remember why though.

What is Framboise? Well, (wiki) it’s derives from the French word for Raspberry. It’s actually Belgian beer that is fermented using raspberries.

I love sweets, duh. But what I really absolutely love to death about sweets is staring at glamorous ones. The ones that make my mouth water. They just looking so expensive, fancy and delicious, I can hardly contain myself. I love those cakes, cookies, etc to death.

However, as much as I love sweets, there’s something about sweets in candy form that scare me and draw me in at the same time. I’m drawn in by lovely photograph of the actual sweet, but then in the back of my mind, I know it might disappoint. An example would be the Tiramisu Toppo.

There’s wasn’t much of a sweets picture on this packaging, but from the tiny picture, it looks pretty great. I was drawn in by the pretty/cute ness of the box. I don’t pink. Really, I don’t. But this drew me in. It looked so….sparkly, I guess. It looks like a great Valentine’s gift, and I’m fairly certain it might’ve been a Valentine theme, as there’s a “Dear” and “From” note on the back(unfortunately covered by the nutrition facts seal)

I love the inside packaging as well, it’s gives a very cute, homey feeling. If I were to paint a room, maybe that would be a likely design/color combo I would choose.

Rating: A+

I bought this at Nijiya (4 months ago…along with the Hot Cake Biscuit and Puccho World) for $2.19. Buy it for $1.99 (so cheap!) at Asian Food Grocer. Buy this Kit Kat for $2.47 on eBay and if you don’t trust eBay, you can wait until it comes back in stock at napaJapan. Or get it at for $4.79(unreasonable).

This smelled absolutely divine as soon as I got the wrapper off. It was like heaven. If I died, I wouldn’t mind going to a place that smelled  (or tasted) of this. It was really a sweet smell.

The taste, unlike the Toppo, was just as divine as the smell, maybe even better. With the tanginess of raspberry between the wafers, and the creamy, milky touch of the chocolate. It’s heaven in a bar. I swear, I could live off of this stuff and nothing else. (Just kidding, it’s not that extreme). Actually, to be honest, I would change just one thing about this candy. I think if they used Dark chocolate, rather than Milk chocolate, it would’ve intensified the raspberry flavor even more. But of course, that’s just my opinion. (And that Kit Kat [Dark chocolate] actually exists! Now the hunt is on to find it!)

This is the perfect snack, truly. I can, and will, stand (or sit) here and say that “You have not had a Kit Kat until you’ve had the Kit Kat Framboise.” Seriously. What are sitting there for?! Go get some! (and some for me too!)

After having this, I must go try some actual Framboise cake (well, if it exists…I’m not too sure anymore). Hopefully it’s just as good (maybe even more better) than this Kit Kat bar. LOVE!<3

Nutritional Facts:
Net Wt: 1.26oz (36g)
Servings Size: 1 piece (18g)
Servings: 2
Calories: 95
Total Fat: 5.5g
Sat. Fat: 1g
Sodium: 15mg
Total Carbo: 11g
Sugars: 7g
Protein: 1g

Rating: A+

The packaging is sooo cute, no lie. And the taste is absolutely divine. A little bar of heaven. Yum yum!

Overall Rating: A+

I’m so sad! I only have 2 fingers left (not literal fingers of course). If I had known this Kit Kat was so good, I would’ve eaten it sooner so I could buy more. I guess that solves that question, I would SO buy this again. (But last time I went to Nijiya, they didn’t have it on the shelf anymore, sad face). I definitely absolutely positootly very much amazingly recommend this Kit Kat.

Rating Scale:
(A+ = Perfect.)
B = Good.
C = Average.
D = Bad.
F = Inedible.

Read Japanese Snack Reviews, Jen Ken’s Kit Kat Blog, Snack LoveTasty Japan, Pretty Pretty Yum Yum and Stephen Loves Candy’s reviews.  I know it’s a lot, and all of them (pretty much) gave this Kit Kat rave review. So c’mon, you’ve got to try it yourself! And stop by Kit Kat Breaktown while you’re at it.

Look at this picture and tell me you still don’t want to try this Kit Kat! LOOK ME IN THE EYES!


One Response to “Review #70: Kit Kat – Framboise 「キットカット:フランボワーズ」”

  1. Holy cow, what a great post! We were selling these at a convention in May, and of course they were sitting right in front of me the whole time. I must have eaten 12 of these in 3 days, there so good! Well has a few of these left, but stock is limited; and we also have a few other flavors like Bitter Almond, Blueberry, and Semi-Sweet. Come take a look, and thanks for the mention :D

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