Review #71: Hi-Chew Lemonade 「レモンスカッシュ」


I’ve heard of (I guess this kind of counts) Jr Hi-Chews before. And I was pretty excited (about the others too) when my cousin showed me the picture from the HK haul. The packaging is kind of mixed. The small size gives it a cute feeling, while the bubbles give it a more sophisticated look. Well either way, I still really love it.

To be honest, I was meaning to look up “レモンスカッシュ” but I never got around to it. Not even after I had my first two pieces of this ハイチュウ. It translated to “Lemonade” although I don’t really see the connection. You don’t get it? Okay, well the romaji of it is “Remon Sukasshu”. The “remon” part, I get. But the “sukasshu”? What’s up with that? Can anybody explain to me?

Well I did some research, and I’ve come up with this candy being “Lemon Soda” which is still, ラムネ and doesn’t make sense for the title (this title was on the sticker, but I ignored it for the same reason I’m ignoring it now). A little more research, and I get “Lemon Squash Soda”. Now, that makes sense in terms of the “katakana”, but not with the taste. Lemon SQUASH? What the heck is that? But apparently, it’s a drink. I’m too tired from being freaked out and confused, so you can read about it yourself here. So weird, why can’t this candy have normal labeling. (And look! There’s apparently a lemon squash Kit Kat too.)

Rating: A+

HK Haul. Buy this candy(and many others) at Asian Snacks&Candy (I can’t promise any validity) for $2.27.  Or get it at a more trustworthy (but expensive) for $3.79.

I was in for a surprise when I saw that the wrapper on it was in Japanese, unlike the rest of them. This wrapper, as well, pulled back much easier than the others, but still with some trouble. The smell is lemony, or well it smells like ラムネ. And I can’t believe I didn’t catch that when I had my first two. I mean, sure I didn’t figure out that it was “lemonade” (which is essentially ラムネ to the Japanese), but still. I feel like I failed, not putting two and two together.

The taste is sweet, tart and fizzy. Exactly like ラムネ. Which makes me wonder what ラムネハイチュウ would taste like, assuming it exists. I love ラムネ though, so this is definitely a winner. Especially, I like the fact that the texture is softer than the others too.

Nutritional Facts:
Unfortunately there’s a sticker in the way of the nutrition facts..that I can’t peel away. So all I can tell you is:
炭水化物 (Carbohydrates):  27.1g
ナトリウム (Sodium): 0mg

Rating: A+

The packaging is cute and sophisticated at the same time. I love the taste, because I love ラムネ. It still infuriates me how I couldn’t figure it out though.

Overall Rating: A+

So unfortunate that I only had one more…and that this was a small pack, I wish it were bigger. I would totally buy this again, or ask my cousin to buy it again…but I won’t, because I don’t want her to spend so much money on stuff like she did last time. I definitely absolutely recommend this!

Rating Scale:
(A+ = Perfect.)
B = Good.
C= Average.
D = Bad.
F = Inedible.

Click to read a review on this Hi-Chew (as well as the Cola and White Soda equivalent) at ZOMG, Candy. (she gets free candy, sad face)


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