Review #72: Choco Ball Caramel 「チョコボールキャラメル」


This チョコボール was the second secret of the last haul. Yes, as you may have guessed, this one is bought expired as well. The expiration date was only August 2010, so whatever. I ate it quickly, alright and I’m fine.

So yeah, you should know my motivation for buying this, if not look below or at the link above.

Still, it’s cute in itself. Kyoro-chan(キョロちゃん) is the mascot. I think he/she is pretty cute, I guess. I’m not really sure which s/he is. Although, he reminds me of the crows that attack people in anime. Well, actually I heard those crows do exist…or maybe not. I forget. For one thing, they definitely attack garbage.

Looks like there was a prize on this box, but I didn’t bother trying to decipher the meaning since a) it probably past and b) I couldn’t enter it even if I wanted to.

I look the way the box opens at the くちばし which is literally the beak, and shaped like it too! I love things like that. What I don’t like, however, is that since it opens that way, it’s really hard to reseal it.

Rating: A-

$.50 at Ichiban’kan. Buy it at napaJapan for $1.99 or $1.18 at Asian Food Grocer.

They smelt okay. So I assume they should have been fine. They smelt of regular milk chocolate. The taste was a coat of chocolate around a ball of caramel. It reminded me a lot of Junior Caramels, only less sticky.

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of caramels. So these were only average to me. They weren’t anything really special. Just chocolate and caramel combined together in ball form, whopee. I know there are other flavors of チョコボール so if I ever come across some, maybe I’ll get it, maybe not. 

Nutritional Facts:
Net Wt: 1.02oz (29g)
Serving Size: 1.02oz (29g)
Servings: 1
Calories: 150 (145kcal)
Total Fat: 7g
Sat. Fat: 4g
Cholest: <5mg
Sodium: 25mg
Total Carb: 19g
Fiber: <1g
Sugar: 18g
Protein: <1g
Vitamin A: <2%
Calcium: 6%
Iron: 4%

Rating: C

The packaging was okay, even though I was mainly driven by the price. The taste is okay too, it’s not bad, not good. But there’s nothing special about it.

Overall Rating: B-

This is already been long finished. I would not buy this again, at least not the original flavor(aka this one). I don’t really recommend this candy, or at least not the original, I don’t know about other flavors yet.

Rating Scale:
A = Amazing.
(A- = Great.)
B = Good.
= Okay.)
(C = Average.)
D = Bad.
F = Inedible.

Click to read a small blurb by Tom C World. Come drop by Kyoro-chan’s house too!


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