Review #73: Puccho Hokkaido Melon 「ぷっちょ:北海道メロン」


There’s just something I love about 北海道(Hokkaidō). Maybe it’s the snow, but of course, it snows in a lot of parts of Japan.  I don’t know. But when I think about going to Japan, next to going to 東京(Tōkyō), is 北海道. Well, honestly, I think 東京 is good for sight-seeing and stuff, but I’d probably like it better in 北海道. I would prefer the peace and quiet of the country-side, rather than the bustling city. Yup, definitely moving there :)

Anyways, back on topic. Again, because it’s ぷっちょ it’s already cute, so there’s no need to explain. But this packaging is far cuter than normal. And not just because I want to go to 北海道. All the little animals are super cute. The fox, the bear, and the deer. My favorite is the fox though. And it’s super cute that the ぷっちょ mascot is fishing! Uber cute!!!!! It can’t get any better than this, well actually, it probably could, but whatever.

Rating: A+

HK Haul. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find this product online, so you’ll have to look for it yourself.

The smell isn’t really anything I can conclude, in short, I can’t smell it. The taste however, is splendid. It has the melon-y taste I’ve come to know about ゆばりメロン(Yubari Melon). It has a yogurty tinge to it as well, of course. The gummy inside is bouncy, as it should be. And the texture is chewy, but not overly so.

It’s not really something that’s “blow-me-away”, like the Kit Kat Framboise was, but it’s still pretty damn good.

I don’t really have much to say about the taste, which in its own way, says it all. I don’t really understand it though. Some things I can blab on and on about and gush over every little detail, and those usually receive pretty high ratings. But there are some occasions where I can’t blab that much, but I still feel as though the candy itself was pretty high in rating. So what is it? Am I too nice? Or…perhaps those candies don’t really deserve as high a rating I give them.

Nutritional Facts:
Net Wt: 50g (10 pieces)
Actually, this (besides the net wt) says “Nutrition Labelling Exempted”. Well, is that good or bad? Well, bad because they spelled “labeling” wrong. And bad because I don’t know what’s it in…scary!

Rating: A-

The packaging is super duper amazingly cute!!! I think I’ll treasure it forever, or at least as long as I can. The actual candy is pretty awesome too. It’s not really something that blows me away, but it’s still pretty good. Very yummy.

Overall Rating: A

I think I only have one more piece left, and I’ll eat it when I can find it (because it’s mixed with other  ぷっちょ and ハイチュウ stuff). I’m glad I didn’t have to share any with my sister (because she already left for college when I got around to opening it). It isn’t something I’d really buy again though, but I still recommend it.

Rating Scale:
(A+ = Perfect, or close to it.)
(A = Awesome.)
(A- = Pretty good.)
B = Good.
C = Average.
D = Bad.
F = Inedible.

Visit the ぷっちょ website. Very kawaii!


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