Haul #9


Agh-glah! I’ve held off this haul post for quite some time…I apologize. Because I didn’t have time to get to writing it out, and everything. School’s been a bitch. For some reason, (that I’m somewhat consciously aware of) I’m working way harder this year than last year.

Anyways, this haul actually took place on the 11th, two weeks prior.

Here are pictures that I took while I was actually at Japantown, rather than later at home.

A super duper cute Korilakkuma (コリッラクマ) bag! (めっちゃかわいい) I really wish I could’ve bought it, in fact, I wish I could have every Rilakkuma ( リラックマ) product in the world, but I doubt that would ever happen.

And OMG! Even cheaper Chocoballs! (No way I bought it though, okay)

Now here’s what I bought:

(These are things I didn’t take closer up pictures of) A hair band ($1.25) that I’ve practically used every day since I’ve boughten it. There was probably only 1 or 2 days I didn’t use it.
Strawberry Soda (I drank half it by the time this picture was taken). Expect a review..in 3 days. :D
Ramen Chips (that I can’t show because the only picture I took is a bad one…) But expect a review for it!………….eventually.

First is a look at the super cute new paper holder I bought (which makes the total number of paper holders I have, 4)

The desserts are super yummy looking. I just love looking at desserts, and sweets that are mouth-watering. They inspire me! (To eat and to bake)

And it’s also super cute how some of them have faces on it! (I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of the back…but I’m too lazy to do it now)

Then, I got two more erasers. Scissors and hotcakes! Both which I’ve really wanted for a while. The scissors actually work! (Well not to cut, obviously, but yeah) and the hotcakes just make me drool.

Yes! Rilakkuma stickers! Super kawaii! (Cost me like 3$ though) I’m never using them though. :P Just for admiring :)

This is a long, and photo-heavy portion. I bought an ice cream sundae!~

Just kidding. It’s pretty obvious it’s not right..? LOL, I don’t know why I tried. Well, I do. When I saw PrettyPrettyYumYum do this, for a minute I actually thought it was really a sundae, like a real one. No idea why, haha.

It says, 大 somethingり Food マスコット.  (Big something Food Mascot) Urgh, I can’t read the second kanji character, anyone know?

This “small” charm cost a whopping $3.35 plus tax. -3- It was NOT cheap, but it’s cute. I guess. LOL, I find that it looks better in the picture than in real life. This charm is from Re-Ment, and now I feel the need to collect Re-Ment charms after seeing the website. You can buy your own charms, either individually or the whole 12 pieces. And you can choose from other series.

Now I’ll take you through all the possible charms of THIS series (there are others!) Well actually, this is kind of a series within a series, the big series is サンプルシリーズ (Sample Series), this series is…the one I can’t read.

1. ~ねてマンモスバーがー (~ Mammoth Burger)
2. 天~き~け天~タワー (~~~ Tower) [I’m upset I can’t read this]

3. ~~~~フィレステーキ (~~~~ Filet Steak)
4. ~~いただきっ!エべレストラーメン (~~~ Everest (as in Mt Everest) Ramen)

5. もりもりてんこ~りごはん (Gusto Heaven ~ Rice)
6. デラックス~~~き (Deluxe ~)

7. ドデカプリン (Dodeca (Don’t ask…) Pudding)
8. トルネードソフトクリーム (Tornado Softcream)

9. モコモコアイス天国 (Moko Moko Ice Cream Heaven)
10. ~~~パンケーキタワー (~~~ Pancake Tower)

11. ~~~ジャンボパフェ (~~~ Jumbo Parfait)
12. レインボートルネードソフトクリーム (Rainbow Tornado Softcream)

And they include a small piece of gum. Maybe as consolation if you didn’t get the one you wanted (which wasn’t a problem for me). The gum tastes sweet and fruity. What fruit, I’m not too sure. I love the crunchy part as you bite away the top layer. It gets tasteless fast though, obviously. And actually I feel as though it has a slight minty taste to it.

Well that was a long post, but I hope you enjoyed!

This is a better picture. Oh no! I didn't take one of the back where two wafers are hiding !



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