HK Haul #2


Surprised? Well so am I! I mean, I knew my cousin was coming, but I never though there would be another HK haul when I made the first one! :O Speaking of which, I’m not even done reviewing all the ones from the first haul! LOL, I’m almost done though, almost. To be exact, I have four more. And I’ll try to finish them by this month, I’ve already got two lined up next. So I just have to do two more really.

This time, though, there’s less stuff, so don’t fret!

Looks small, but awesome, huh?

First we have ハイチュウ (Hi-Chews) – グレープ(Grape), ピーチ(Peach),  and グレーンアップル(Green Apple). I got 3 each (yes, I already ate ONE whole pack of green apple…in one day…) Ugh! Grape =( *shudders* I think when my mom prepares the care package for my sister, I’ll throw 2..or 3 bars of the grape ハイチュウ in there. And to be nice, I may throw in one of the good ones…like Peach or Green Apple. Gross Grape! I wish I had told her beforehand that I didn’t like this flavor (but of course, I didn’t know she was going to get this for me, I only asked for two things. Knee socks(that I forgot to include in the picture! ARGH! Well, it was already in the wash…) and A key cap.

Yum yum! I remember these, I used to like them a lot, they’re similar to ramen, Babystar. We have 2 different flavors, (right to left) Chicken, Yakisoba and then back to Chicken.  Then difference between the two chickens is obvious, the width. I’m not sure whether I’ll do one big review or two separate reviews for these. Just know to look forward to them! :D (Except for the thick chicken…because my aunt/cousin ate it…)

Interesting, Jagabee. Jagabee. LOL, I have fun saying that. It sounds more like a Korean name than a Japanese one though. Oh well. I look forward to this, it looks super yum.

Here are the key caps I got. Well, actually, I only asked for one because the one I was using was…a dirty, deformed, orange monkey (I don’t want to show you a picture…okay, I do, but I’m too lazy to go take one because I forgot to do it earlier). My cousin bought like 8 or 10, and she said I could have two. It was a semi-hard decision but I ended up with this (I wish I could’ve taken a picture of all of them). There was a black cat, Winnie the Pooh, Elmo, a fat cat, a pink Skull, etc.

This is cute, a donut! But wait….

What’s this?

Oh! It’s a TAPE DISPENSER! めっちゃかわいい! I’m going to rock the school year with cute stuff. :D Hehe, well actually, I don’t use tape that much at school. :P But it’ll be fun to show off. The only problem is the tape is tiny…so once it runs out…then what?

This comes in a series of 6.

I got this one last time, and I’m using it as…

a paperclip holder! Well, I don’t really use paperclips, so yeah.

I have this too, but…

Mines is an eraser, not a sharpener.

I have this too, similar function. It’s an eraser, not a sharpener.

And this last one looks alike, but I know it’s not really. And I’m not sure what the one in the series does, since it doesn’t say…

The cool thing about this, besides it being an awesomely cute tape dispenser, is the container it came in. It’s like the Winnie the Pooh containers that was all the fad during my elementary school days. You would put in 4 quarters, spin and get out some Winnie the Pooh charm. Stupid right? Okay, I admit I used to collect them too….such a waste, I probably spent $10 ish in total. Ahh! >.< Anyways, this is cooler, because look:

It’s a mini coin bank! Cutee! It says “ちょきんばこ”

Out of all the goodies I got, this one is my actual birthday present, well early birthday. Haha, because my cousin is going to leave before my birthday, so yeah. And in case you guys are wondering, my birthday is on the 27th of November.

Anyways, this is super cute and honestly, it’s going to take a lot (or not, LOL, I’m easily touched/moved) to top it off. Not only is the bag super cute, it’s pretty much Japanese which makes it so much more awesome. My cousin told me she went specifically to the Japanese place in HK to get this, awww :) It’s so awesome! And it reminds me of the bags girls usually bring along with them when they wear kimonos.

The little rabbit is super cute!

Unfortunately, it’s only safety-pinned in, so it could fall off… :( Maybe I’ll sew it on.

This would’ve blown me away too if it were my birthday present. A cute wind chime! Whenever I go to Ichiban’kan, I always see windchimes for sale (like about a $1) and I always want to get one. The only reason I never do is simply: I have no place to hang it from. Sad. BUT now I have one, even though I still have no place to put it.

It says to check the design, which I did before opening. I wonder if I should’ve though. Because if I didn’t then I wouldn’t have been disappointed when I opened it. Oh well. Materials are soda-lime glass and paper. I find that REALLY awesome. :) I want to try doing blown-glass work. Or something.

Anyways, these are the designs. What I got?

Is the あさがお, the morning glory. It’s pretty I admit, but I’d rather have the 金魚(goldfish) or 花火(firework). Shh, don’t tell my cousin I said that though. It’s still pretty awesome though, in itself just because it’s a wind chime. Oh the last design is the sea, 海.

So this is what it looks like, pretty damn awesome. :D

Now I’ve just got to find a place to hang it. Hope you enjoyed today’s post! And I hope there’ll be more HK Hauls to come!!!


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