Haul #10


So this isn’t a Japantown haul, nor does it have any food…but that’s okay with me, and if it isn’t okay with you, then just stop reading this post.

I hung out with one of my best friends, MsMLe yesterday. It was a belated birthday hang out I guess, LOL. It sucks we go to different schools, because the next time we meet will be the end of this month, an early birthday hang out (mines).

We went to W-Mall today, in hopes (or at least) of watching “Life As We Know It“, but they didn’t SHOW it! GAH! I was so disappointed, we still had fun though! We did lots of other stuff. First pictures, then food then haul.

I went to Maidō, which is basically the same thing as Kinokuniya (the stationary one). There were a lot of things I wanted. One thing I wanted was a roller thing that basically picks up after your eraser shavings. I really want/need one, and I found one at Maido, but it was like $10 (in the shape of a race car) and I thought out loud, “No way!” Seriously? $10? I also wanted a really cool, and pretty notebook. But I couldn’t really find one, and the best one I found was about $20…so yeah.

I wanted this Rilakkuma origami paper, but it was like…expensive. LOL, I forget how much. I didn’t bring enough money to feel like I could afford it. It’s super cute. And I would say “Next time I go, I’ll get it”, but I don’t know if it’ll be there next time. Because there were some things gone that was there last time, like Rilakkuma stickers and San-X folders. (Sad! I wanted them too!)

I also really want a stamp. But they were so expensive. These were like $5 each, and then they had smaller ones, that were $2.35. And I thought to myself, if I’m going to buy a stamp as expensive as this, I want it to be really super cute. It’d have to be something that I would take one glance at and say “I’m not leaving this store without this”, or one that I love before I look at the price tag, and ignore the price after I see it. That was a really overwhelming sentence, I think. LOL, anyways, I’m looking for something like these.

In the store window was this Ice Cream origami. Totally adorable and delicious-looking! But I don’t remember seeing it in the store so yeah, and I didn’t feel like going back in to look for it. It would just be weird.

There was also a cake set, this, I did see. But the thing is, with these origamis (expensive, $6) there’s no telling whether I can make it look really good. Maybe one day, I’ll buy one and try to make it, but we’ll see.

Does this look like Passionfruit Yogurt Drink to you?! Well it didn’t taste like it either. In fact, it looked and tasted like Milk Tea. It was slightly thick and sweet, but I think it might have been because of the mango stars I put in before the cup was filled.

This orangey gunk at the bottom. I really love the mango stars, they are absolutely yum. Actually, even though this drink was totally not what I was expecting, it was still pretty good. Unique definitely. The only thing was that towards the end, it got really weird tasting and sour. Probably because that’s where most of the mango juice was.

M-Le and I went to this new Japanese restaurant. And we got some food there. She got a California roll, 8 pieces for $1.99. She let me eat one. It was okay. It wasn’t that great though, because it was kind of……well it didn’t really taste fresh. And I’m thinking it might not have been, since it came out, about 1 or 2 minutes after she ordered.

I ordered some Takoyaki! It was a “special grand opening” sale thing. 4 pieces for $2.99. It smelt amazing, and tasted it too. And I hate octopus, but for Takoyaki, I make an exception. The only thing about this was that the seaweed and the Katsuobushi(fish shavings) kept MOVING on their own. It was sooo creepy! It was like they were ALIVE! But its impossible. I thought of the possibility of the wind, but it wasn’t. Because there wasn’t any wind blowing, we were inside. And there was no A/C. SOOO CREEPY. I still ate it though.

I ate 3 pieces (and was already full by the time I finished the 2nd one…I have a small stomach) and M-Le tried one. I warned her first. I told her what it was, in case she didn’t know. She said it was pretty good. Yay for Takoyaki! One thing I learned today was that the seaweed does not taste good on its own. It’s only good with the rest of the takoyaki. Plain, its dry and disgusting.

Anyways, now for the haul. I got a Korilakkuma key chain thing. It was part of the French series, which is my favorite Rilakkuma series. I bought it because it was relatively cheap, for a Rilakkuma product, $2.75. I wish I had chosen carefully though, because this charm has sort of a black mark thingy on it, which I hope can come off somehow. Curses.

It says  夢のParis旅行に やって来ました。ここは おいしいものが いっぱいです。”yumeno Paris ryokou ni yatte kimashita. kokoha oishii monoga ippai desu.” Which I can roughly translate into “[My] dream was to come to travel Paris. There is a lot of delicious things here.”

Then I saw something super cute! You know how I collect Iwako Erasers right? Well, they had them in Mamegoma form! It was super cute! There was two ramens, a milk and some “mamegoma candy”. But I got this instead, a soda can. It’s super cute! But also super expensive, $1.50. Which is like 3x the price of one at Ichiban’kan, and about $.50 more than one at Kinokuniya. BUT I decided to get it because it was SPECIAL, I mean hello? Mamegoma “Iwako” eraser!

Super cute, huh? I just adore San-X characters.

Then, I was just going to pay for these, but I had a Kinokuniya card, which is a book that you fill with stamps upon purchases. One stamp equaled $5 before tax. And when I calculated my items, it was only $4.25 before tax. I said out loud, “It’s so close.” So I decided to get this:

A Banao sticker for my cousin. She’s going back to HK on Friday, and I thought of getting her this, because of all the things she’s bought for me. She liked this banana the last time I went to HK to visit, so I’m thinking she should still like it. Hopefully so!

And guess what?! I was lucky. Because today happened to be a DOUBLE STAMP DAY! Lucky! So instead of getting ONE stamp for my purchases, I got TWO! How awesome is that?! Heh, I’m so glad. The cashier (who was totally cool, I saw him there last time I went to Maido) told me that Kinokuniya at Japantown has a double stamp day too, but he wasn’t sure when it would be. >D Chaaa!

Anyways, today was a super good day. And I hope you had a nice day too. Oh, and hope you had a happy and safe (belated) Halloween. I couldn’t do a special Halloween post, so sorry. But yeah.

OMG! On the Rilakkuma blog, it says that the drink Tea’s Tea New York (looks like an Ito En drink) has a give away toy! Like those freebies that are connected to the product. GASP! It’s an LED Light Strap! And you can get Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, Kiiroitori, or Rilakkuma with Kiiroitori! So jealous! I need to zoom over to Japantown and get one! D:


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  1. 1 prettyprettyyumyum

    oooooooh that icecream origami is so super cute! :) cakes ones are great too!

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