Haul #11


Whee! So I went to Japantown today with my bestie, MsMLe. It was super fun and we did a lot. I bought a lot of stuff, and we took Pika Pikas! (Now we have another one to our collection), the last time we took Pika Pikas was about the same time last year (11/25/2009). I won’t show you those pictures though. But I’ll show these:

It doesn’t feel like much. LOL. It always doesn’t. It only feels like too much when I’m still there. I was kind of rushed to take the pictures since it was getting dark.

When I saw this at Nijiya, I HAD to have it. “カントリーマアム ベストヒットコレクション” Country Ma’am BEST HIT COLLECTION. It includes “バニラ” Vanilla, “いちごのチーズケーキ” Strawberry Cheese Cake, “ダージリン” and  Darjeeling. As far as I’m concerned, there are 3 cookies of each flavor.

We have “ひまわり畑のはちみつ”, which literally translates into Sunflower Field’s Honey Candy. There are two flavors. Honey and Lemon, and Honey and Orange. I’m looking forward to this (though I wonder if it may be more of a “cough drop” type of candy). I was distraught between buying this, or this Pretz(ume flavored – different packaging though) or this:

Matcha Oreo. Because the Pretz seemed like it was super unique and cool for reviewing. Like it wasn’t something within my safe zone. And the Oreo, I’ve wanted to try a Japanese Oreo bar for a while now!!!

Or this:

Saku Saku Panda cookies. This has been haunting me for at least half a year. I keep seeing it at Nijiya, and I’ve seen reviews about it. But I still…anyways, I eliminated them one by one. Starting with this Saku Saku Panda, because I reasoned since I’m already getting cookies (Country Ma’am), I don’t need more. Then I eliminated the Matcha Oreo because, I’m not THAT big a fan of Oreos anyways. And then I chose the sunflower candy over the Pretz because I’ve seen the Pretz before but this was my first time seeing the sunflower candy (and you know I love sunflowers)

“ガチゴリ” (Chocolate covered pretzel), it was on sale at Ichiban’kan. For $1 instead of the usual $1.49. And another DSi case for my sister, because she’s coming home for Thanksgiving, I guess. This time I made SURE I got the RIGHT case.

There is ONE コリラックマ(Korilakkuma) key cap. I bought it at Ichiban’kan. It was $6 for two, and MsMLe took the other (along with the bag) so all I have is this. LOL. I don’t really NEED another key cap, since my cousin just got me some. But, then again, I don’t “need” a lot of things.

I bought another “Big Food Mascot”. The charm I got this time was “Tornado Soft Cream”. This one is okay. It doesn’t look that delicious though. While I was at Kinokuniya, I felt this one out. So I knew it was either this one or the “Rainbow Tornado Soft Cream”. The Rainbow one is cuter, and more delicious looking. But I can only feel out shape, not color.

Now this adorable notebook HAD to be boughten! It was a good deal in my opinion. And you’ll see why. Firstly, it’s the French series, which I absolutely love.

And it has STICKERS! (This would’ve already cost me about $3)

Then it has five different types of paper, this one (peering into a French shop window):

A less scenery type one, more decorative:


Again, more decorative, but very cute:

And this one:

So buying these different types of paper would’ve cost me (in total-$5). And then adding the $3 sticker, this is worth about $8. Instead, I got it for $5.55 (plus tax). So yay! Definitely a deal! And I added another stamp to my Maido/Kinokuniya card! One thing I was disappointed with is that Kinokuniya only has double stamp days on TUESDAY! And that’s so not fair. Because I NEVER get a holiday on a Tuesday, not really anyways.

Oh, and I saw these, but I didn’t have enough money to buy them! (As well as a stamp kit – $8!!!! And I forgot to take a picture too D; !!) And when I came home, I saw these taunting me on tumblr.

I think for my new rating system, I might use Rilakkuma, since I love him so much.




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