Holiday Special #3: Happy Thanksgiving!


I know that I missed quite a lot of Holiday Specials. But I actually have a reason. One, I was lazy. Two, I didn’t exactly have themed items (I missed Halloween and Veterans Day) because I don’t really buy “American” sweets anymore. And three, I was kind of changing up my criteria. I had a lot of items planned, but they were all items I’ve actually HAD before. So I thought, I shouldn’t do these. So from now on, I think I’ll do: big holidays (check the calendar) and if I have things near the time of smaller holidays. For the big holidays, I’ll go out and actually try to buy something. (If I remember to do so).

When I saw this at the grocery store, I wanted it so much! It just looked so fancy and delicious. I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to get it though, because I was with my mom and she doesn’t always say yes to buying sweets. The entire name to this chocolate, as you can see by the picture, is “Alpine Raspberry And Madagascan Vanilla – Extra Fine Swiss White Chocolate”. Wow that’s a mouthful. I love fancy chocolates!

“Wintry white chocolate with a rhapsody of raspberry and Madagascan vanilla make this an exquisite treat.” Oh hey! A grammatical error! Make should be makes.

Actually, this chocolate might have been better for Christmas, seeing the colors. But I can’t wait that long!

On the back says, “As I rode the open-windowed train through the springtime Swiss Alps, I was relaxed by the sound of rushing waterfalls as I felt the steady rhythm of the train on the tracks. The majestic, snow-capped Alps and the dramatic arches of the narrow bridges were an inspiring vision. The sweet smell of spring in the air as the earth opened its arms to the sun after a long winter’s nap made my nose tingle. The taste of the creamy white chocolate with raspberry and unmatched Madagascan vanilla that I had bought at the train station in Bern delighted my taste buds and all my senses were truly alive.” – Hudson

It’s so awesome and “majestic” feeling. The text font and the background of the box, just makes it so. Something that I don’t know if you can tell or not, but the Nutritional Facts is actually printed ON the box, rather than a sticker stuck on it. Cool, for more than 1 reason. It saves “paper” and it doesn’t get in the way of the things we want to see!

Rating: A+

This was “on sale” at the grocery store for $1.99 (as opposed to $2.49). I can’t find it online, sorry!

I was definitely scared to open this. For one thing, I knew that the WHOLE bar was a whopping 600 calories! And another, because chocolate bars in this type of packaging are usually the hard ones to open. I can’t really describe why it’s hard, just that it’s hard to rewrap the bar if you want only one piece (which you only want one at a time with this calorie filled bar).

I could strongly smell the scent of vanilla beans when I opened this up. Taking a bite, I was surprised that the red bits were so crunchy. I was almost fooled into thinking they were peppermint pieces instead of raspberry. The raspberries don’t give it too much flavor, but there is an occasional burst here and there. To be honest, the chocolate tastes a bit strange to me. I guess because I’m used to the more artificial white chocolate. After a while, you get used to it though. Well, every bite starts off strange, but as it melts, it tastes better.

The vanilla is very creamy and sweet, but not overly so (probably due to the raspberries). Though the bar is hard, it really does melt in your mouth after a while. I find the raspberries bits exciting. They don’t contribute A LOT to the flavor (though it down tones the sweetness a bit) but it definitely contributes to the texture.

Nutritional Facts:
Net Wt: 3.5oz (100g)
Serving Size: 1/3 of bar (33g)
Servings: 3
Calories: 200
Total Fat: 12g
Sat Fat: 7g
Cholesterol: 5mg
Sodium: 30mg
Total Carbo: 19g
Sugars: 18g
Protein: 2g
Calcium: 8%

Rating: A

The packaging was very fancy. I didn’t have any fancy background to match. So I used the sky, because it was pretty nice that day (considering there was rain, hail, thunder and lightning the night before). The chocolate smelt pretty good and it tasted pretty good too. But it didn’t get that extra plus, because it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. It was good, but it wasn’t a chocolate that I would “die for”.

Overall Rating: A

Rating Scale:
(A+ = Perfect.)
(A = Amazing.)
B = Good.
C = Average.
D = Bad.
F = Inedible.

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