Haul #12


I didn’t get a lot of goodies today (snack wise), but enjoy this post.

The first thing I bought was this, another box of Look Chocolate. I recently saw this on Japanese Snack Reviews. I actually saw this first at Nijiya, as well as the other candy, but I didn’t buy it. I walked over to the market (while waiting for my friend to arrive) and I found the Look Chocolate here cheaper. So I bought it at the market (not the other candy though).

I bought this one at Nijiya. Actually, it was the very last pack (and I couldn’t even find the shelf for the price). I really wanted to get it, but I decided to walk over to the market first to see if I could find it for cheaper (I didn’t). Before I left for the market, I hid this behind boxes of a snack, I think it was Lucky. (It was the last one!!!)

Then I bought a bunch of erasers. The first one was from this other shop…I think it was Amiko Boutique. I was so happy when I saw this, seriously. My friend and I were at Kinokuniya looking at their erasers and I told her about this eraser. I told her how I really wanted it, but then I couldn’t find it anywhere! I told her that when I got the $50 gift credit card from my volunteer job during the summer, I tried buying it online. It was like eighty something cents, but then adding the cost of shipping made it like eight dollars. So I didn’t buy it. This was the very first thing I spotted when I looked into the bin. I was super happy, I think too much. A sales lady came over and asked if we needed a basket, and she kind of gave me a weird look. LOL, I was probably too loud.

Then I got these at Ichiban’kan. I’m so upset now that they’ve raised the price from $.50 to $.60, it makes me buy one less with the same amount of money. This one is supposed to be a green tea drink, although the caterpillar, though cute, makes me wonder.

This one is a “orange” canned drink. But it has a chipmunk on it!

A cute little piggy.

And a cute giraffe.

I went with my friend to New People, and they had this tiny camera. It was so cute. It was basically an LED light, but when you click the button, it makes a shutter sound. It was super cute, and I almost bought it. But in the end, I realized that I didn’t need it. Instead, on the second floor, we bought some pins. Well, my friend bought 5, I bought only one. Super cute. Peanut butter and jelly (she bought a matching one, it’s kind of an inside joke). It was one dollar, plus tax which made it $1.10.

I bought this at Ichiban’kan. I previously looked at all the other stores, but they didn’t really have a cute cell phone charm I wanted. This one, I’ve seen before. And now I finally bought it! It’s the “sea person” (うみにん) and this is a water yo-yo (水ヨーヨー) that you can win during festivals.

The reason for this new phone charm is because mines is getting really dirty. See.

Kind of cute, and creepy at the same time.

Sea person hopes you had a very Merry Christmas. Happy holidays!


2 Responses to “Haul #12”

  1. 1 Kelly @ Tasty Japan

    I love all that kind of cute stuff. Last time I went to Japan I bought some of those cute erasers. I especially love the ones that look like desserts. It seems like you have a lot of Japanesey type shops there, so you’re very lucky. Next time I go to Japan I’ll get you some more if you like, they’re everywhere in the 100 y shops over there. :)
    Thanks for sharing your haul!

    • I know. Before, I didn’t really think much of it. But now that I meet more people tumblr and blog-wise, I’ve come to realize that I am pretty lucky where I live, to have a good access to Japanese stuff. That’s really sweet, but it’s okay. Part of the fun of collecting the erasers is finding them myself. :) And I also feel like sometimes the erasers look better in pictures than they do in real life, so yeah. Thanks for reading and commenting! :D

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